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salient releases (#SR005): Ryke

The importance of fluidity and organic sounding, a chat with Ryke

You know, when it comes about making music, it is the crucial detail that animates you to finish the idea than just saving it for a moment in the future. It is the element that lets you feel that you’re going to the right direction, the moment where you know, you have crafted something that you’d like to share with your loved ones, friends & fans.

That thing is called motivation. For some, it may be creativity, while for others, it may be something else. Yet, we all can agree that sometimes writing music from the scratch can be a frustrating venture.

Speaking of which, we recently exchanged some words with this talented man here. Being based in Hamburg, Germany, we’d like to welcome Felix, also known under his moniker Ryke, to this new episode of the #SR-series.

As we were following his evolvement for a while, it has been an aural pleasure. By simply pressing the play-button, we did just let the music do the rest, engulfing us with the atmospheric energy that was streaming out of the speakers.

With one of his recent releases, the Dawn-extended play, which was published by the lovely Sekai Collective, we felt obliged to ask him, if he’s up for a short exchange of thoughts over his perception of art, his creative workflow and the importance of a song to be organic. Luckily, he said yes:

A brief intro about himself…
…I’m Felix aka. Ryke. I’m a 20 year old student from Hamburg and release music mostly under chinchilla,

Insight Music

and Sekai Collective.

Felix on his style of creating a track…
…When it comes to producing a song, I really don’t have a fixed or usual way of doing things. Sometimes I start with making some drums, other times I start with laying down atmospheres or melodies. When I have something that sounds good on its own and that I’m happy with, I continue working on it and trying out some different directions. But I really kinda let the track go, try out different things with it and see where it takes me.

Felix about planning a tune…
…I very rarely have an exact idea of what I want to do. Sometimes a more specific plan pops out of my head while working on that specific track.

How working on the track Daydreamer changed his working process…
…The only track I “planned” from start to finish was my track Daydreamer in 2016. Since then, I have experimented or improvised on my midi very often. Just to see if the ideas have enough potential to continue on.

Felix about the early beginnings of creating the Dawn EP
…The EP came together after I had just finished my last year of school and was waiting for university to start, so I had a couple of months in which I had nothing to do and could solely focus on making music. The idea of making an EP wasn’t there from the start but after I had finished almost three tracks in quite a short period of time and they all incorporated similar sounds and ideas, I figured it would make sense to release them all together.

How writing this EP was a pleasure…
…Writing the record was very pleasant, because I actually didn’t work on a track more than a week, with most of the tracks being nearly finished after one day. It was a very fluid and creative process in which I simply sat down and couldn’t seem to stop working till the track was done.

How time matters & affects his craftsmanship…
…Often times I get frustrated and stop working on a track for several days because I can’t get it to sound right. I had this experience with early projects quite often.

The aftermath on his creative process after finalising the extended play…
…Since I have finished this EP, I always try not to overproduce a track.It’s because the longer I work on a song, the more I tend to dislike it and become unhappy with how it sounds. When I finished a track within a day or two in a very organic workflow, the track seemed more human and alive than changing every little detail over again and again for the next couple of months.

Felix about the meaning behind Dawn
…This specific record didn’t have a real purpose. For me, it has been more like a stepping stone into finding my sound. With the tracks from Dawn, I came a bit closer in finding my sound, but I must say I’m still not really where I want to be in terms of writing and production.

How he knew that his “home label” was the perfect choice of releasing this beauty
… I asked Seth, who manages Sekai, if he’d be interested in releasing something like that and we took things from there. Having this EP on Sekai also felt right, because the collective was basically what got me started in music about a year ago. My first actual release was on their compilation album Sonder and after numerous more releases with them I really kinda consider them as my “home label”.

Where to get a copy of this record…
…If you’re interested in listening or downloading my EP, it is available on Sekai Collective’s soundcloud and bandcamp page.

Some words about fulfilment & evolvement of his sound…
… I’m still waiting to work on a track which fulfils the exact idea of sound that I have in my mind and I’m probably just not good enough as a producer to achieve it yet. So, I believe my sound could change over the next couple of months or perhaps years. Yet, only insofar that I’d like to write longer, more intricate and challenging songs that play with different tones and compositions.

Felix about how he could achieve the aforementioned level of production…
…I have just started studying composition at university and hope that helps in getting closer to the sound I have in my head.Long story short, I feel like I’m still in the early stages of where I want to go musically, but I’m working on changing that.

Folks, it has been truly an endeavour to witness. While perusing the aural spheres of the Dawn-extended play, we came in touch with a candid artist, who just wants to explore his horizons in personally & artistically. A gargantuan amount of Thank You‘s followed by 🙌👏🙏🙌👏🙏🙌👏🙏-emojis to Felix for sharing some thoughts over everything that matters nowadays in music.

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