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salient releases (#SR004): Jamie-Rose

While currently adjusting the new content over the new layout (it’s still buggy, so sorry for any inconveniences, we’ll fix them soonish), we decided to sugar-coat your day by presenting you the newest episode of the Salient Releases-anthology.

Stumbling over her music & her perception on art recently, we talked with Brisbane native & Vancouver-resident Jamie-Rose about her latest extended play, which we talked about previously in the last addition of the Flamboyant Five-series.

The reason why we had a talkfest with Jamie was simple: As we tend to expand our horizon by exchanging thoughts with creative beings, handicrafter & labels in general, it was Jamie’s focus on artistry that made our decision way easier.

As we already said, we asked Jamie a few things about herself, the art that she creates & the emotional process she had while writing the lovely Hands Off-extended play.

Jamie-Rose about herself…
…I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia. I moved to Vancouver two years ago to get ahead with my music career, then spent some time in Toronto. Describing myself, I’d actually say I’m a bit of a “happy-go-lucky” kind of gal. I don’t take myself too seriously most of the time. Only when it matters. I also love traveling. I’ve been to Japan, Vietnam, LA, South Africa and a bunch more cool places. Traveling is something I’ll always be doing. I’ll never stay one place for too long.

How music affects her life personally & economically…
…Right now, I write all of my own songs for myself. I also ghost-write for others and have recently jumped into producing. I’m also very much interested in the business side of music. It’s an area I want to keep exploring. As an artist these days, you have no choice but to be about your business if you want to be successful. And I very much want to be just that.

Jamie on how she starts to make her art…
…I actually start by rapping usually and then add a melody afterwards. When writing for others, I start with the melody. Sometimes words just come with the melody. Like it just suits it. If I’m on the subway, I’ll just write straight verses, though.

How the Hands Off-extended play was created…
…I had no initial intention to write Hands Off. It was one of the moments where I was so emotionally overwhelmed that I had no idea how to release all of that negative energy. So I played some tracks I had from YouTube or Soundcloud and began writing. It was the easiest song I’ve written. The original was actually quite different than the EP version. The producer I worked with on this EP really made this track something special.

Jamie on how emotions guided her while writing the record…
…Writing Hands Off started from pure hurt to anger. I felt so betrayed of a friendship. I was straight up from the beginning. I was so honest and I still ended up the one hurt. (Funny how that happens ay) Then that hurt turned into anger which doesn’t usually happen to me. At least not in front of anyone.

How this specific release affected her as an artist…
…Honestly, this EP was where I found my sound. So, this record is really just a presentable journey of my growth in 3 songs, plus the extra track.

The artist explanation about the meaning of the Hands Off
Hands Off is basically saying, what you had before you definitely can’t have now.

The thoughts behind The Weekend

…(The record) is a song about being a weekend hookup. I feel like we’ve all had that one relationship where you know you’re not cared for as much as you care about them, but you keep going back. A lot of talk and leading on from their end.

The connotation of Back It Up…

…It is a song about a summer fling, actually. I’ve never had one but thought it would be cool to write about it. It’s kind of written in a way that’s open to interpretation, though.

Jamie about deadlines that she set for herself…
…There wasn’t any stress or deadline with writing this EP. It was more of a learning experience. The only deadline was before I moved to a Skii Mountain in Vancouver near the end of 2016. But the producer and myself stayed in contact. I finished laying down all the vocal recordings before I left and from there it was just going back and forth with the mix until we were 100% with it.

If there is a physical release of the record…
…No physical copies of the EP. Even though I’ve been traveling over the past 2 years for music, it’s been a strain on my music career also. Things like having a set place to live to store albums and merch etc. and having equipment to record is hard because I live out of 4 bags. It’s a lot to carry! So possibly in the future!

Where you can listen to the release…
…You can listen to my record on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal & Google Play.

Folks, it has been truly an endeavour to witness. While perusing the aural spheres of the Hands Off-extended play, we came in touch with a candid artist, who just wants to explore her horizons in personally & artistically. With this new episode, we’d like to give you a chance of catching a glimpse of the path that we’re currently following. A gargantuan amount of Thank You‘s followed by 🙌👏🙏🙌👏🙏🙌👏🙏-emojis to Jamie for sharing some thoughts over everything that matters nowadays in music.

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