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salient releases (#SR003): Aizakku

salient releases (#SR003): Aizakku

What a lovely day to witness. A mellow sundae is currently on the wish list, while the a/c is cooling down our bodies from a melting pot into a normal, solid state. As we were checking our agenda, the result of the primary task to fulfil on this Tuesday is something that we truly love to share with you.

By saying that, we’d like to say hello to you & you with a new episode of the Salient Releases-series. As you might not remember what the concept behind this series is, we will briefly re-explain its idea: While most of our sections are hosted solely by us, we initiated this anthology as a succulent exception, so that you, the artist, got the chance by speaking about your latest work with the concentration on the working process.
Besides this, we give them the opportunity to accentuate the highlights of their creative moments & of course, the moments without any results & motivation.

As we went through our agenda, the name of this lad was on the list. While following his evolvement as an artist, we knew that we have to take the initiative & ask Isaac if he is up for hosting the latest episode by sharing some thoughts on his latest record, the Hallway Memories-extended play. Luckily, he got some time & said yes:

Aizakku about himself…
…My names Isaac, or known under my alias Aizakku. I live in Aotearoa (New Zealand) growing up I didn’t really think about much about making music, I mean I did love listening to music growing up, but who didn’t?! I was usually at internet cafes at a young age playing games and eventually started working at one, it was one of those things that me and my brothers did growing up.
Today, I am usually found at a shop selling suits or at my house making beats.

How he usually creates his music…
…When I am making music I usually start by listening to music channels on youtube. Lo-Fi, Hip Hop-Channels on YouTube have so much depth and are filled with so many talented artist doing the same thing as I am doing, making beats. The creative process usually starts by making a beat, I would sit on it for about an hour and scroll through samples and stuff until I found something.

About the places where the magic happens…
…Then I would load a particular sound, a bass sound for example and start making some melodies and seeing if I can something that has a nice swing to it

Isaac on how his creative drive is guiding him right now…
…I sometimes sit down with my flatmate, Ray, he will sit at my keyboard too and start vibing out and we would record Ideas for about 15 – 20 mins and then we’d go back and listen to it and choose what sort of stuff we like best.

How Hallway Memories has been created…
…(the record) was something I always wanted to do, it was my first EP so I was
always going to be anxious about how it would all sound in the end. But once we got 1 or 2
tracks down we actually started to get a really good feeling about it.

The creative usage of old samples…
…The track Somin somin

was actually sampled from an old Russian piece from like the 70’s and I chopped it up and made it my own.

I think that track has had quite a bit of feed of response from my audience which made me really happy cause I have always been someone who likes to flip samples.

The meaning of the record & its significance for you & you…
…My one and only purpose in making music is to help people get out of the reality they live in for a few minutes and welcome them to my vibe. Giving people a perspective of my version of music or sounds has always been what I like doing.

Isaac on the meaning of its title…
….It was really just that, the hallway of my house has actually produced some really awesome memories due the fact I live in a big house with a few of whom I call my closest friends. The house has not only me but 4 other people, some who actually are
musicians as well! Moving in this place last year has given me so much space to learn and grow
not only as someone who makes beats but as a young adult as well. It would only be respectful
to name the record after the very house I live in.

His thoughts on if it was a stressful period to live in…
…Absolutely! I usually get really picky with what I want my stuff to sound like. I am no mastering engineer so making something sound exactly the way I want it to sound like is always a
challenging task! But the creative process was really the most enjoyable part. I didn’t really go into this with the expectation of it making it big or anything like that. Making beats is one of my best ways of relieving stress!

Where the extended play has been released so far…
….Just on Soundcloud:

A gargantuan amount of Thank You’s followed by a pile of 👏-emojis to Isaac for sharing his time & thoughts on this lovely record. In case, you didn’t subscribe to his channels yet, feel free to do it now. Oh & don’t forget to eat a bagel, it is kinda Bagel-Tuesday.

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