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salient releases (#SR001): myk.

salient releases (#SR001):myk.

it’s october the 25th & we’re happy to write these words. as we usually tend to be those ones who write about your art, melodies & vocalisations. yet, as we’d like to make this site more a personal thing that it actually is, we thought that what is way better than the handicrafter (yes, you folks) are overtakin’ our role & write something about their latests oeuvres?
since it is always refreshin’ to hear other’s view on your own work, it is gettin’ a tedious thing, if you do not compare your thoughts of those ones of its progenitor, right? so, here we are with the introduction of our latest anthology, called ‘salient releases’.
this series is dedicated to creative heads, where we switch the roles & let them talk about their latest work in a reflective way. as most of us artists tend to go through different situations in life, while writin’, we thought that this one might be the perfect opportunity to show the audience that not everything about artistry is rip-roaring.
there are moments, where we doubtin’ everything, even the existence of one submissive snare that is accompanyin’ the bass line, or that specific ‘ah’ that you have recorded with your voice might be not the perfect ‘ah’ that you were aimin’ for.
these might be a few examples, but let us focus on our first guest on the series: leeds-based ‘myk.’. the lad, whose path we’re followin’ for a long period, never ceases to amaze us, whether if it’s be a simple chord progression or the sheer knack to merge a pinch of shimmerin’ FXs to create the eery-yet-soothe atmosphere that you were lookin’ for in a song.
we asked Michael if he is up to it, to tell us, the people around us & the diligent readers, his thoughts on progress while creatin’ his latest piece: the ‘Archives’-extended play & an introduction about his path plus himself:

myk. about himself…
…my name is Michael, i’m 23 year old, coming from manchester, but currently based in leeds. i graduated from ‘Leeds College of Music’ around the last year, where i was studying music production. leeds was so enjoyable that i decided to stay for another year. i’m currently trying to make a career out of music through film, tv & video game placements.

about his current plan…
…eventually, i would love to be able to work for myself, writing music for films with nice visuals and what not. in the meantime i’m working 24 hours a week in a job which i don’t really care about, trying to make as much music as i can. my music has matured since i started producing 6 or 7 years ago. this has helped me edge closer to my goal of becoming a full-time composer. i’ve mainly been making ambient/soundtrack music, which i’m pretty into at the moment, and have been for the past two years.

about his actual inspirations..
…artists like ‘Hiroshi Yoshimura’, ‘Enno Velthuys’, ‘James Bernard’ and ‘Max Richter’ are my current favourites/inspirations.

about his side project…
…i have another alias called ‘Kanyenke’, named after a native american character from a game called ‘Age of Empires’, which is top notch by the way. it will be more a housey & techno project. most of it doesn’t see the light of day though because i either get fed up of the the music or it’s just sat waiting with labels. but keep your eyes peeled though because i do make a lot for ‘Kanyenke’, something will happen soon!

about his passions…
…i also collect a lot of vinyl, mainly house music, traditional/analogue deep house to be a bit more accurate. some of my recent purchases are from artists such as ‘Khidja’, ‘Lawrence’, ‘Moomin’, ‘Futers’ and ‘Naduve’.

the sound coming out of israel is pretty sweet right now, has a lot of character and sounds fresh. i like to have the odd mix for my own enjoyment, i see djing as more of a hobby nowadays. i’ve played in a few bars/clubs in leeds for low key nights which is fun, but ultimately it’s not what I want to do.

about his latest work, the ‘Archives’-extended play in general…
…most of the ep was made back at home in manchester, after i graduated from university. i got some new monitors and got set up in the top room of my house with a star wars lava lamp; was pretty ideal for ambient.
i had no deadlines and no stress because i was at home, and didn’t have to worry about my finances as i do now. i had plenty of free time too which was useful.

about track number one, named ‘Rivia’…
…i made ‘Rivia‘ pretty quickly, it was a time stretched arpeggio from my ‘Bass Station 2’ and then some chords over the top and a sprinkle of FX to add to the atmosphere.


i called it so because i’d been smashing ‘Witcher 3 Wild Hunt’ on my Xbox. the main character was from rivia, no brainer really. because it was the intro to the ep, i just wanted an emotional first couple of minutes. when the chords come in, i think it does feel quite emotive. i’m not sure though because i do fall in love with nearly everything i make, which isn’t always the best when you’re trying to see your music from a different perspective. that’s something i’ve tried to overcome the past year, taking a minute and thinking to myself, ‘is this actually any good?’ (solar edit: we believe it fits, so that we decided to release it over our site as the epitome of this lovely album).

about record number two, called ‘Archive 14’…
…’Archive 14‘ was made during a late night session in manchester. i became one with my lava lamp and wrote some chords that i fell in love with, i don’t know if anyone else feels the same about the chords, but I’m not too fussed. i messed around with some piano i recorded and ended up with that big reverb piano stab that adds to the overall vibe. my ‘Bass Station 2’ also features quite a bit as it does in most of my tunes. the synth is great for arpeggios, synth lines and FX. it’s probably got a lot more to it as i’ve only scratched the surface with it. i’ve only had it for a year or so. i also added in some ‘Shevannai Voice of Elves’ from ‘Kontakt’;


it has a really great tone for ambient/soundtrack music. the name ‘Archive 14’ was just something that popped into my head, the track to me sounds likes its been forgotten or lost. it’s ended up in some old archives, section 14 to be precise. that kind of thing haha. might be stupid, can’t tell.

about the penultimate oeuvre, number four, named ‘Ambivalence’..
… ‘Ambivalence’ took a while to make. i started it back home in manchester and finished it here in leeds. it was the first track i started for the ep. i wrote the keys and recorded them. i then just left it for a while, to let it age like a fine wine. sometimes its for the best, but to be honest i’m not 100% happy with the final product. i was trying really hard to make something beautiful out of it. i like it but i don’t quite love it, which is a shame because my girlfriend Bella really nailed the vocals, so angelic. the keys and the vocals really do compliment each other which was one of my main aims from the start.

about the last piece, named ‘What Have You Seen’…
the last tune ‘What Have You Seen’ is more of a bonus track. it’s not online anywhere, just on my bandcamp-site. it’s also a nod to the ‘Blade Runner’-soundtrack by ‘Vangelis’. probably shouldn’t have bothered because ‘Vangelis’ is a legend and i’m not worthy, but hey it’s just a little tune.

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shoutout to Michael for his time to contribute such a reflective perspective of an artist during his/her working process. there could be tons of sites, blogs that could write about it, but in fact, we believe that the best view still comes from the progenitors, the creators. not that you shouldn’t check out interpretations anymore, but it is something different, when you got the chance to hear what the makers were thinkin’ & goin’ through the beginning till its end. don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of this over Michael’s bandcamp-page.

le fin..
..oh btw

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