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pithy quotes (TBA)

Solar’s field of contributing artist’s pov’s. (TBA 201X)

Sharing background stories, contributing the ideas on a specific record are things that really do intrigue each of us.

But think about it, there is something that is still missing. As we personally believe that the voice of an artist needs to be recognized, it is their view that can affect the evolvement of the music-realm.

With analyzing the basic idea & adding elements to it, we will announce another part of the news section, called Pithy Quotes.

The series is based on contributing the point of view of the handicrafter, whose pieces you’re listening to for a long time. Giving the artist the prowess to use their voice is something that is growing to be more & more important.

With the announcement of this section (TBA 201X), we will continue to expand our site’s idea, to be a platform, a community for creators, aficionados & everything in between.

Folks, we hope that you like to concept that we’re following. Especially when you’re going to read intriguing speeches on topics that affects the art-realm, which you want to share with your loved ones. It’s the connectivity that we’re pursuing.

Till soonish!

The Solar Team.

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The end of the tale, but not of this book