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intriguing interviews (#II016): Hearts Hearts

The multi-dimensional connection between Weingasthaus Sittl & Burgers, an interview with Hearts Hearts:

Today is Valentine’s day, a moment, where you share the seconds with your loved ones. While sipping some wine & reminiscing about flamboyant events, we’re here with a gift for you & you.

Following their path for a while, we were intrigued by the evolution of their aural output since the early beginning. Based in Vienna, we’d like to say Hi! to David, Peter, Daniel & Johannes, known under their moniker, Hearts Hearts.

© Hanna Partaj

Pleased by the chimerical output that has been crafted by these talented individuals, we felt obliged to do a talkfest. Luckily, we recently had a chance to make this happen:

Guys, it’s a pleasure to have you here today. Not only that we’re aficionados since your first album, Young, but also due to the shivers that we get while perusing your aural output. Yet there might be some people who never heard from you. Would you mind to introduce yourselves?

Sure. We’re David, Daniel, Johannes and Peter Paul. We do music as Hearts Hearts. All hailing from different sides of Austria (and Sweden), but living in Vienna for over 10 years.

Tell us guys, how did you come in connection with the realm of music? Was it a sheer fluke or were you destined to become a musician?

Hmm, that happened in various and very different ways of course. One funny detail is that Peter Paul’s mum was the piano teacher of Johannes and that’s how they met.

Oh, really? What a funny coincidence. So, we can say, it was karma that guided you!

Could be.

You know, while stumbling over your music around 2 years ago, we always thought over the moniker that you have chosen to be yours. Tell us, has the name a specific meaning to you?

The name actually comes from one of the first songs we’ve written together that never made it onto our debut album.

Curious about how the song might sound like. While going through your discography, we just were wondering what kind of music you’re listening to in your free time?

Each of us does listen to different styles. But the range reaches from Hip Hop to mostly softer Electronic Acts, Folk, some Indie all the way over to some Ambient and Classical Music.

With that kind of range, we can definitely see the variety inside of each of your releases. Speaking of those, what do you try to convey with your creations? Is it about transmitting emotions?

Convey is maybe not the right word for our approach. We have no direct intention of how people should receive our output, how they should feel or understand. We simply fuse what we find capturing or interesting, sounds or words that keep ourselves on the go.

Experimenting with sounds is always intriguing. Performing it live, even better. Focusing on this, do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Definitely a group hug & squeezing each other’s buttcheek.

Haha, that kind of ritual is energizing. As we already had the pleasure to witness one of your concerts, you have used quite a variety of gear to perform your music live. Could you tell us more, what types of systems you work with?

Our setup contains a mixture of electronic and analog drums. Then we have also a bunch of samplers, some synths & percussion instruments.

That is an impressive collection.


Let’s use the time-machine here. If we go back to the early beginnings of the group, how did everything start?

The group started as a duo, between Daniel & David, who were doing singer-songwriter-stuff together. In 2012, Johannes and Peter Paul joined the band. With this, our sound shifted in a more Electronic and Experimental direction.

Oh & since then, how has your sound changed till now?

Since our first album has been released, we tried push our sound in a lot of different directions. We wanted more variety in sonic textures, including huge string arrangements, improvising trombones, a harp but also very extreme processing of the e-guitar, to gain a special feeling for each of our tracks.

You know, as we always tend to say that we’re fans of creative individuals, who merge a wide spectrum of tones together, to craft something unique that nobody has heard before, your latest piece, Phantom / Island was an impeccable example of your perception on music.

Great to hear, thank you!

You’re welcome. If we’re concentrating on this one here, could you narrate us tersely about its evolvement? How did you start to create this stunning piece here?

Phantom / Island has its origin in two loops that Johannes and Peter Paul created independently and sent to the other band members around January 2016. It was the first time, since Young that we started to work on something new. David put the two parts together. He then quickly recorded the verse with his laptop microphone. The rest of the song was created with similar ease and since then this one always stood out for us and it was always clear that this should become the first single to our upcoming album Goods / Gods.

And what a stunning release it has been. Folks, make sure to watch the music video:

Guys, what can we expect from you in the upcoming months? The upcoming album that you worked on, but are you going on tour too?

Touring as much as possible, but also having a new release ready for the next year.

Hearts Hearts – Goods/ Gods Tour:
8/5/2018 – Kantine am Berghain, Berlin (GER)
10/5/2018 – Häkken, Hamburg (GER)
11/5/2018 – Etepetete Festival, Dortmund (GER)
17/5/2018 – Wuk, Vienna (AT)
more TBA

Definitely going to catch one of those shows. But as we can see, you’re going to have a promising upcoming year. As we’re almost at the end of this interview here, we wanted to know, if you personally believe that music for living is still possible in 2018?

Interesting question, but ask us again in 2019.

Solar Edit: We definitely will 😄

Last question for this day. As you’ve already mentioned that you’re listening to a variety of music, we were curious, if there is one artist or group that you would like to jam together?

Oh, there are definitely some artists that we truly admire, but not really who’d like to collaborate with.

This was the official part of the talkfest with the group. Yet, as we’re here to be the personal platform for artists, collectives & groups, we asked the lads spontaneously, if they’re up for the quick round of the Solar R/Vapid Ten. Fortunately, they said yes.

so, let’s see Hearts Hearts answers:

What is the band’s favorite place?
Weingasthaus Sittl, in Vienna.

What is the band’s favorite food?

Who is the band’s laziest member?
Well, we don’t have any.

Who is the funniest?
Daniel, (who is trying really hard).

The band’s biggest challenge so far?
Sleeping in a trailer in ice-cold winter the night before one of our most important concerts.

Describe the sound of your music with two words?

What was the weirdest sound you ever used?
Field recording of swans.

What was the strangest thing you’ve heard from a fan at a concert?
It wasn’t exactly a fan, but someone sang along The roof is on fire with one of our songs.

The first thing you do, while coming together for a recording session?
Making coffee in Peter Paul’s espresso can.

The last thing you do, while coming together for a recording session?
Squeeze the last beer can, hug and leave.

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A pile of Thank You’s towards the lads of Hearts Hearts for sharing some thoughts on the phenomenon of music. With this talkfest coming to an end, we’d like to invite you to keep an eye on these gifted individuals. Make sure to catch a show & share their art with your loved ones.

Until the next time!

The Solar Team.

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