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intriguing interviews (#II015): Lucy Mason

The meaning behind Borough22, Matt Hales & Hot Chips. A conversation with Lucy Mason:

Wednesday is currently on the go & it feels icey inside the office, even though the heater is maxing out already. Engulfed by pullovers & jackets, Frank Ocean’s Blonde in the background & a very hot coffee, we’d like to say Hi to a new episode of the #II-series.

As we seem to be more quiet than we usually are, we always happy to share some moments with you & you. Speaking of sharing, we recently came in touch with this talented artist from the good old city of London.

By following her path for a while, we knew that it has been about time to have a quick talkfest about rituals, the meaning of music in her life & how it influences her art. In case, you’re wondering to whom we may refer: yep, it is London-based singer songwriter Lucy Mason.

As pleasing as this talkfest has been, we’re here to share it with our dear readership:

Hey Lucy, it really is a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk with you. Yet as some of our readers might not heard from you, would you mind in introducing yourself briefly?

Sure, I’m Lucy Mason. Nice to meet you πŸ˜„.

Β© Lucy Mason

Tell us, how did everything start? Was it a sheer coincidence that you stumbled over the world of music or simply your destiny?

Well, I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until high school when I realised that I wanted to sing & write music. Music helped me through many things & I wanted to do the same for other people.

Like a panacea for everything, right?


Indeed, you are. What we always wanted to know from you is when we listen to your songs, are they inspired by some artists? Or basically, what kind of music are you listening to during your free time?

At the moment, I can’t stop to listen to Lany!

But I also have some other current favourites, such as Active Child,

or Jessie Ware (Solar Edit: God, we love her voice),

or The 1975.

What a selection of sublimity. Especially the last two are artists that we listen to quite often. Speaking about artistry, artistic approach & creative processes, what do you try to convey with your art?

With everything that I write and sing, I just hope that someone somewhere connects with it. You know, to make them feel something. What kind of emotion or whatever it may be…

..Something that somebody can relate to, right?

..Yes. I like to tell stories that I hope other people can just identify with.

While listening to your songs & thinking about what you said here, gives us another perception over the creations. Speaking about your songs & performing them, do you have any kind of ritual before a show?

I don’t really have any rituals before a show…I definitely don’t eat before and I drink a lot of water depending on how nervous I am.

Best thing that somebody can do.

I do have one ritual though but this happens after a show, and it’s eating hot chips.

Yummmmy. You know, we always wondered how a live-set of you may look like? Could you tell us more?

Our usual set up contains the SPD-S from Roland,

the Nord Piano from Clavia,

the VoiceLive Touch by TC Helicon,

An electric guitar & me, as the lead vocalist.

We’re definitely going to catch a show. If we would use the time machine right now, would there be something that you did in the past that you’d like to share with us?

I used to paint. Something hopefully that I will pick up one day.

Ohhh! We want to see some whenever you start to do it again. But back again to the topic, if we would use the machine one more time, to see who guided you to be the person that you are nowadays, are we going to see a specific person?

Mmm not really just one..

How come?

Well, because lots of people along the way have become so important in my life. Without them, you wouldn’t hear the music that you do. So, I don’t think that I could pin point it to only one person.

Wise words, indeed. Let’s get to the present day. You know, we literally felt obliged to talk with you after we listened to your latest record, Going Home Broke . Such a tremendous piece. Would you mind to tell us more about its creation?

Sure. All these songs were written over the course of a year. Quite a slow process, but it was a really important record to get right. Once I started to see the theme in my songwriting, I really wanted to make sure that everything I did was in line with the story that Going Home Broke was telling.

Indeed, you did great!

Thank you!

But what kind of telling is it about?

The record is about honesty & about telling my story from the past few years of living in London.

This is what we mostly adore about artistry: the opportunity to tell the people a story, engulfed by melo compositions that will give you shivers. Let’s go a step further. Are there any updates about future projects of Lucy Mason?

There are. At the moment, I’m just finishing the new EP, but I’ve got a few exciting things to release before that!

Yay, we can’t wait to hear them. You know, as much as we loved to talk with about anything, we almost already on our end of the interview. But before that, we wanted to ask you a personal thing. Do you think it is possible nowadays to do music for living from your perspective?

Almost. I still work, but only 2 days a week.

Last question for today. Being an artist is always about pursuing dreams. Speaking about which, are there any collaborations you’re dreaming about?

There is somebody: Matt Hales, from Aqualung.

Just always loved him & I always will.

This was the official part of the talkfest with Lucy. Yet, as we’re here to be the personal platform for artists, collectives & groups, we asked Lucy spontaneously, if she’s up for the quick round of the Solar R/Vapid Seven. Luckily, she said yes.

so, let’s see Lucy’s answers:

Your favorite vegetable?

Your favourite food?
Doughnuts by Borough22.

Banana or apple?

Strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?

Coffee or tea?

I would not be a musician, if…
I didn’t move to London.

If I would start right now to create music…,
These days I always tend to start with a title and then some lyrics!

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A pile of Thank You’s towards Lucy for sharing some time for philosophising about anything that matters in a daily routine of a musician’s life. We’ll keep this special edition in our memory & keep you updated with future updates, releases, gigs & anything about this talented girl.

Until the next time!

The Solar Team.

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