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intriguing interviews (#II014): Mynth

Intriguing Interviews (#II014): Mynth

June is almost at its end & we’re happily back with a new episode of the #II-series. As we were perusing the interwebz for sublime content, it was destiny that guided us to this talented duo from the home city of one of us. While we already did the last time a blessed interview with Tobias from the aspiring group Ant Antic, we recently hit up Giovanna, the female half of Viennese Electronic-Pop duo Mynth, if they’re up to have a small talkfest over their perception on art, live music & special twin-connectivity between them. Luckily, she said yes:

Hi Gio, it’s really a pleasure to have the chance of exchanging some thoughts about the realm of music. While we were preparing for the interview, we wade through the aural spheres which has been created by you & your brother. Such a stunning output to listen to. Yet, there might be some who might not heard about you & the sublime duo. So, would you mind if you would introduce yourself?

Sure, my Name is Giovanna from the duo Mynth.

πŸ“· shot by Kerstin Wuslmusl

We are an Electronic project, based in Vienna. We are twins and we love to make music.

Tell us Gio, how did it start? Were you both destined to be musicians or was it a sheer fluke?

Well, making music was the first hobby, where we felt something. It really felt real. It just gave us everything we needed in our youth.

Thank god that you both did the next steps & here you are. As were already saying that we listened to your discography, we were curious if the style of music that you write is the same that you’re actually listening to in your free time?

If we are talking about that, then I would say yes and no. In our free-time, we are listening to diverse stuff. From Nine Inch Nails

to Moderat,

from Banks,

to Kendrick Lamar.

And of course, many other artists as well.

This is what we call a versatile selection of artists. Lovely. While preparing for this talkfest, we were curious, what you guys are trying to convey with the art you create? Is about expressing yourself or transmitting emotions?

We just want to create a special atmosphere, which builds a base for strong experiences with music. What we want is that our music works in an easy listening context as well as under serious conditions, enhancing emotions.

We can definitely imagine what you’re trying to convey.

You know, all we want to rivet all the people with art, who are then ready to pour into this world with us.

Such inspiring words. We will remember those while surrounding ourselves with aural spheres created by you. Speaking about performing of music. We didn’t have the chance yet to see you guys live. Hopefully that will change soon. Haha.

Yeah, you should.

We will. But focusing on the next questions, we’d like to know if you have any kind of rituals before starting a performance? Drinking water? Meditating? Or something else?

While my brother is totally into himself, I, for myself, am the complete opposite of this. Even though we are twins, we have our own rituals.

We can imagine that. You know, we love live performances, the energy that surrounds the artists & the audience, the feelings which are merging into each other, moments of sublimity. Tell us, how does the magic look like? Are you playing on instruments & combining it with computers?

For performing live, we are only using analogue synths, like the MS20,

the Moog Subphatty,

the Arturia Micro Brute,

andamp; the Minilogue from Korg.

Yet, it really depends where we play andamp; what kind of set we are having.

Like.. how?

For example, if we are playing a duo-set, we are using the Tempest Drum Machine for the drums.

If we are playing with our band-setup, we are using a real drum-set instead. Sometimes a guitar will be added, sometimes not. Besides that, MIDI-gear is what we are having the most around.

That sounds like a setup full of fun & the sheer endless possibility of combining diverse layers. If we’re using a time machine, which moment should we check out?

Definitely, our Mexico Tour.

Then the moment of the release of our debut album, Plaat II, in February 2016,

SOLAR EDIT: 🎧 to it now!

andamp; of course: winning the Austrian Amadeus Award for Electronic/Dance in this year.

Oh these moments were chimerical. That’s what we can feel. But if we’re going to time travel again, more specifically, for some years, we’d like to know, who did you guide the most during your last years, your childhood? Did you guys have a role model or someone that inspired you?

If we are talking about inspiration, then I would say Trent Reznor (from Nine Inch Nails)

and Laurie Anderson.

And of course, our parents, who are the biggest support in any way you can imagine.

Let’s go back to the present. You recently have released a stunning new piece, named Mirrors. Could you tell us a bit more about the meaning of its creation?

Sure, this song has, like all of our songs a special meaning. We wrote it during a songwriting and recording session in Berlin. We had the chance to stay at the Red Bull Studios for almost one week.


This experience was crazy and inspirational. The piece is a reflection of us as independent people, but also as twins. As two human beings that couldn’t know each other better in any way. Looking in the mirror for yourself is mostly the case when you feel beautiful inside and out. If somebody metaphorically holds the mirror in your face, this might also be the sign for you to wake and do some changes in life. You know, it is all about reflections in life and that is the path we are currently following. Constantly changing and developing through the input of people who you value and appreciate.

Last question of this inspiring talkfest. It is always interesting to hear the different answers from creative individuals, like you. We’d like to know, Gio, if it nowadays possible to do music for living? Or is it already a modern myth?

We hope, it does! At least that is what we are currently focus on andamp; hopefully one day, it will pay off. Monetarily and in the direction of full compliance.

That has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the human side, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: Solar’s R/Vapid Ten. This sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see MYNTHs answers:

Your favorite vegetable?
Gio: Sweet Potatoes.

Your favourite food?
Gio: Vietnamese, all day, every day. Mario: Burger.

Banana or apple?

Strawberry or cucumber?
Definitely Cucumber. Ideally in Gin Tonic

Disney or Warner Bros?

Coffee or Tea?
Both, in moderation.

We would not be musicians, if…
people wouldn’t be able to listen & commit to it anymore.

If we would start right now with writing music for the first time…,
we would be excited what it would sound like.

If we would be an object…,
we would be smurfs. Definitely.

If we would be an animal…,
then we would be capuchin monkeys. They are so naughty. Haha.

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A gargantuan amount of THANK YOUs followed by a dozen of πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™-emojis to Giovanna & the effort she made to make this interview a special one. As we truly adore the sheer beauty of electronica music, it has been truly a pleasure to wade through the aural spheres of these gifted musicians again. Be sure to subscribe to their channel, get yourself the latest release as soon as it is up, check out the succulent discography that is uploaded on their Soundcloud-page & don’t forget to share one piece with your dearest ones.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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