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intriguing interviews (#II012): Great Skies (I, the anniversary edition)

Intriguing Interviews (#II012): Great Skies (I, the anniversary edition)

Ohhhh, Wednesday is on its way & we’re happy to share this special moment with you & you. As we started this series around a year ago, we knew that we have to celebrate this special episode of the Intriguing Interviews-series with a special guest.
Already following his path for some years, it has been a pleasure to witness his evolvement personally & musically as an artist. Hailing from the city of culture, London, we’d like to say Hi! to our latest guest: the producer Great Skies.
We recently had a small talkfest on his latest piece that has been uploaded & asked Matt if he is to have a conversation on his perception on music & art in general. Luckily, he said yes.
As we’re already enjoying the sheer moment, we’d like to share this emotion by starting this beaut of an interview.
So, shall we start? We think, we shall:

Oi Matt. As we know each other for a pretty long period, it has been a joy to watch & a pleasure to listen to each of the releases that we stumbled over your site. Yet, as some of our readers might not heard from you, would you mind to introduce yourself?

Sure. My name is Matt & I produce music as Great Skies.

Tell us, was all this a fluke or were you destined to become an artist like you are nowadays? As many of our interviewed guests told us that the destiny guided you & your evolvement, we’re curious if that applies here as well?

Well, I’ve always had a bit of an ear for playing music, but when i was growing up there just wasn’t the tools at hand to make stuff. I played a few instruments but I was always kind of searching for ways to make my own songs. It wasn’t until I started University that I had a MacBook Pro, a music production program (first GarageBand,

then Logic)

and just gradually taught myself how to use it. From there things just kind of fell into place.

Sweeeet. You know Matt, as we’re wading through your aural spheres that are engulfing our eardrums, we wanted to know if you’re actually listening to the same that you produce? As usually the artists are hearing way different types of music that they’re actually making, the thoughts on this triggered us to ask you this?

Actually, I like a lot of UK electronic music and rap, especially Kate Tempest,

The Manor

and the band Real Lies.

Basically, I listen to exactly what you’d expect from hearing the stuff I produce. I’m really influenced by the music I listen to. Lately, I’ve been listening to Timeless by Goldie a lot which is one of my favourite albums. It’s a classic.

What a pithy selection. As you can literally hear the influences from these artists inside your discography, we’d like to know if there key elements that you’d like to convey the most in your music?

I really just try to make music I would listen to myself and enjoy. So it’s all just music that I think is interesting and fits together.

We thought so, but as we’re perusing your aural output on your site, we found it curious that you mostly concentrate yourself on releasing extended plays? Is that a sheer fluke?

No, I mostly tend to make ep’s, because for me, it’s more fun to make 5 songs that all fit together stylistically well as a good listen start to finish, than just make one song.

Makes sense. But we wouldn’t be unhappy if there would be a Great Skies-album soon to be released (insert cheeky-emoji). Let’s use the time machine again by checking the path that you have picked from the sheer beginning of this catchy moniker until now. We would like to know more about the background. Tell us, Matt, has there been a person who guided you to become the artist that you are nowadays?

Well, I think I’ve just always naturally been quite a creative artsy person and it probably has something to do with my family. A lot of my extended family like to draw, paint, sculpt and do all kinds of art, so it can’t be a coincidence..

That’s karma, we suppose?

Yieh, it’s always been quite encouraged in my family to be creative and make things.

While we were also looking for the moment, where we stumbled over you & your music, we found it remarkable that a lot of your art has been played out from Radio channels, like BBC 1. Was that always your primary goal or something else?

Actually, when I started producing my main goal was to just put music online that all had a certain sound to it, that all sounded like me. That’s what I’ve always really aimed for. But I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve had songs played on major radio stations like the BBC, songs I’ve produced on the BBC Radio 1 playlist and even music videos to some of the tracks I’ve done. All this for someone making music in his bedroom with just a laptop is madness.

Call it madness, we call it destiny. To talk about your latest feature on the BBC 1 radio show, the piece that came out as an art collision between you & Thetford-based artist Franko Fraize, we wanted to know if that was a result of a jam session or did you email yourself the stems for- & backwards?

Well, we made our single Lines really quickly emailing stuff back and forth over the period of about a week, it came together so rapidly. For me, working with Frank has been a really cool experience.

We were both pleased with how it turned out that we ended up making a whole EP together just as quickly. He really gave me a lot of creative freedom with the production, I think mostly because we just felt we were on the same page about how we wanted it to sound.

Oh, an ep is coming up? Really sweet, could you tell us more about it?

Well, it really is influenced by a lot of old school UK Garage from the 2000s like Oxide & Neutrino

and Artful Dodger.

Oh, there’s a track on there influenced by Timeless by Goldie.

I think, it’s a bit of a love letter to classic UK music

Lovely to hear & what a lovely release as well. We really adore the structures, the setting & the whole arrangement in general. Focusing on this piece here, is there something else you’d like to share with us? A mere glimpse on the Great Skies-future?

Yeah, sure. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying making music for other people. Especially for rappers, so I think there will be some of that coming up in the future. I’ve been working on some stuff with Context,

The Manor, plus some more stuff with Franko Fraize.

So we’ll see, if any of these sees the light of day. Also, I’ve been slowly starting to come up with ideas for another solo EP (Solar Edit: Yay!).

Alright, as we’re nearly on the end of this interview, we wanted to know, Matt, if in the near future, if somebody would get your phone number, an idol that you were looking for to have an art collision with, tell us, who would that be

Oh, that’s a really tough one! I can’t pick just one so I’m gonna say a few different people. First of all i think it would be really interesting to collaborate with Goldie, the Legend (Solar Edit), just from seeing how he works.

After hearing her album I’d love to produce for Kate Tempest, I’ve been emailing with her manager so hopefully I can try and make that one come true.
Also, there are these two sisters who make music as Chaos Chaos (formerly Smoosh) that have always been on my dream collaboration list.

That has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the human side, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: Solar’s R/Vapid Ten. This sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see Great Skies’ answers:

Your favorite vegetable?
Sweet Corn.

Your favourite food?
It’s obviously gotta be pizza, everyone loves pizza!

Banana or apple?
Banana. I’m strangely allergic to apples.

Strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?
Ahhh. This is a tough one. I guess.. Disney?

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee is life.

I would not be a musician, if…
music Instruments didn’t exist .

If I would start right now with the music…,
my music would sound a lot different.

If I would be an object…,
I’d probably be some kind of cactus.

If I would be an animal…,
I’d definitely be a spaniel dog.

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A gargantuan amount of THANK YOUs followed by a dozen of 🙏🙏🙏-emojis to Matt & the effort he made to make this special interview for our anniversary of this series happen. As we truly adore the sheer beauty of electronica music, it has been truly a pleasure to wade through the aural spheres of this gifted musician again. Be sure to subscribe to his channel, get yourself the latest release as soon as it is up, check out the succulent discography that is uploaded on his Soundcloud-page & don’t forget to share one piece with your dearest ones.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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The end of the tale, but not of this book.