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intriguing interviews (#II008): Sad Eyes

intriguing interviews (#II008):Sad Eyes

we’re writin’ on the 19th of october, which primarily looks like a dull wednesday in a panoply full of wednesdays. but did you know that today is the ‘Mother Teresa Day’ in albania? plus, ‘Streptomycin’, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis, was first isolated by researchers at Rutgers University?
there are indeed a few events to tell about, yet we’re not goin’ to turn this article into a wikipedia-page, more likely we’d like to focus on our main goal for today, or better said, on our main guest. as you mostly have recognised that we usually release only one time per month on a wednesday, due the fact that we use these kind of days for havin’ a talkfest with one picked artist, it is no wonder that we’re goin’ to make this happen today again.
focusin’ on our guest, we’d like to say hello & thank you to baltimore-based producer & member of the Solar-fam: ‘Sad Eyes’. the lad, whose path we’re followin’ for an eternity, always brought up a smile, when we were checkin’ his latest releases. so, it has been no wonder that the time has finally come to do this chapter of this anthology with him. we recently came in touch with Allen to chitchat about artistry, balance & ‘Todd Edwards’.
but before you’re goin’ to question yourself too much about that, let’s start with the interview:

oi Allen, as we have stumbled over you & your art an eternity ago, we knew that we have to keep our eyes on you. but, if in case, someone never had the pleasure to check or stumble over you, would you mind to introduce yourself to the people briefly?
sure, my name is Allen, i’m from baltimore, in maryland. i produce house music under the moniker ‘Sad Eyes’.

splendid. ok, let’s start with the most fundamental question for every musician we interviewed so far. as most of us have been connected to this specific part of artistry our whole life span, we’d like to know if that applies here too? has it been a fluke? or a sheer fate that has been proposed by karma? how did you collide with the galaxy of music?
well, music has always been something i’ve held a high appreciation for. when i was younger, i used to play instruments here & there. just for the joy to play. i really had not the desire to produce my own music until four or five years ago.

as we have thought. talkin’ about appreciation, what type of music are you appreciatin’ the most to listen to? is it the same type that you produce or something way different? there are for example many house producers who usually tend to hear punk music..
not really that different what i produce currently. i have been listening to a lot of house music lately, where i try to get acquainted with some of the players out here. but in fact, i listen to all kinds of music though, to accentuate a specific genre: trap.

listenin’ to more types is way better for gettin’ ideas, impressions & inspirations. let’s speak about ideas & impressions. what do you try to convey while writin’? is it based on a mood or an event that recently occurred…?
i believe that i make music to convey feelings & express myself. there are different tracks which portray different moods. it’s more like a subconscious thing though. i try not too think about it too much. for example, when i’m deejaying, i like to think about it as if i were writin’ the score for a night out & mix in all sorts of tracks that would reflect that mood.

so, you mean like music that can be seen as that type where if there would be an appropriate aphorism to use for it would be: in your face?
no, i appreciate music that isn’t ‘in your face’. more likely that style that can be acknowledged in a variety of settings as you can hear in the kind of the laid-back house style i produce.

alright. as you were speakin’ about deejayin’ before. do you have a specific ritual before you perform? for example, go for dinner or drink some wine or…?
as far as rituals go, i always make sure to get a proper meal, then have a few good drinks & then i’m ready to go.

sounds like a classic start in the evening. are you takin’ a specific gear with yourself to the clubs where you perform? or do you just drop some tracks on cd-players?
Pioneer CDJs mainly. it depends whatever they have at the venue.


let us use a time machine & we will use it for gettin’ back to your past. what we’d like to know is if we’re goin’ to see a specific event that has occurred that motivated to pursuit the concept of an artist or a special someone that guided you to be the person that you are right now?
i have to say that i’ve always felt sort of on my own in terms of music. there are not many people i know who produce the type of music i did & do. but, i have met a ton of friends along the way that all produce their respective genres.

impressive. we dig the people who are pursuitin’ something that not many people are doin’. tell us, Allen, have you started to create & release records over the ‘Sad Eyes’-moniker? or were you changin’ the name as soon as you have started to write a different style of music than you did before?
i actually started producing music under the alias ‘Shmallen’. with that, i had some pretty modest successes throughout the years. first, i started with sample based beats, then i moved on to the electronic world & produced a variety of genres before settling myself into the ‘deep house’-genre. after that, i have initiated the ‘Sad Eyes’-project, where i’ve seen it more as an ambient project. yet, i just couldn’t stay away from the house groove any longer. plus, moving to baltimore has also helped me get back into the house side of things. the whole city has a lot of positivity in itself.

we always heard that baltimore is a place to see. a spot to visit, to inhale & exhale the energy. we shall do that soon. but, let’s focus on your latest record that we got our eyes on. the extended play that you have named ‘All Night’. tell us a bit about it. how did you decide to name it in that, were you writin’ the tunes all over night?
as i was just just getting back into the house sound, i reviewed a lot of the demos that i set aside for ambient creations. so i rearranged them & turned their concept into a housey-one. the extended play, the concept behind it started with the track ‘With You’. with it, i wanted to portray the type of feeling that a rediscovered vintage dance tune (solar edit: we would say something like that goes into the direction of the famous Daft Punk long play called ‘Discovery’, especially the piece called ‘High Life’) would bring. you know, the sort of over-compression, the punchy drums, unclear vocal snippets that accompanied the groove. the idea with it was to set a scene, whatever the scene may be about. the rest of the ep just came up with it.

solar edit: the extended play can be purchased for a small amount of ‘$$$’ over ‘Sad Eyes’-bandcamp-page. click here to get yourself a copy.

we love the sound. always refreshin’ to hear a decent house tune, with classy influences. as this is one of the pieces that you wrote, we thought that might ask what we can expect to hear in the near future? can be already something said about the future of ‘Sad Eyes’?
simple, i’d like to keep playing shows & putting out releases.

we’re sure that this is goin’ happen. but tell us your thoughts on another fundamental thing in the art world. do you believe that it is still possible to do music for a living?
i think that it is definitely possible to do it. it’s all about the balance to find.

the final question of the day (insert: drum-roll), is there someone you’d like to do an art collusion, a collaboration?
as for a dream collaboration, mhmmm, probably ‘Todd Edwards’.

that has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the ‘human side’, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: ‘Solar’s R/Vapid Ten’. this sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see ‘Sad Eyes’ answers:

your favourite vegetable?

your favourite food?

banana or apple?

strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?

Drake or Kanye?
WHAT. How about both.

i would not be a musician, if…
i didn’t pirate that copy of Ableton years ago.

if i would start right now with the music…,
i would start to learn to play the piano properly.

if i would be an object…,
iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black.

if i would be an animal…,
a cat.

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another pithy wednesday for all the music lovers outside. much love & appreciation for Allen, his work & the support he deserved to get. keep an eye on ‘Sad Eyes’, because there is more to come. but if in case that you can’t wait that much, grab yourself a copy of the ‘All Night’-extended play, because otherwise you’re goin’ to regret it by missin’ the chance 😌

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.