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intriguing interviews (#II006): Noémi Bolojan

intriguing interviews (#II006): ‘Noémi Bolojan’

it’s wednesday the twenty-fourth of august, we’d like to say a belated ‘hello’ to everyone. since we usually do present you on this specific day, one of our most favourite series on this site, named ‘Intriguing Interviews’, where we have a mental exchange with one artist that we’d like introduce to the audience, we had a chance to have a conversation with a vienna-based singer-songwriter-composer-producer-virtuoso-cat parent, the lovely ‘Noémi Bolojan’.

oh, this conversation was a special one, not only the fact that we had the pleasure to exchange some thoughts about small cafés, personal goals & cats, but also that it has been the first (& hopefully not the last) ‘face2face’-interview that we held for the ‘Solar Mountain Ridge’-site.

due the fact, that most of the artists that we ever did a talkfest with, are split up in the whole world, it was a different-yet-salient experience to witness. to focus more on saliency & succulency, we’d like to re-focus on our guest for this episode. it has been not the first time that we have talked about Noémi & her work, since we fell in love with our latest feature on her, the rework on ‘Night’, which has been originally created by no one else than the grande maestro of cinematic electronica, ‘Ludovico Einaudi’.

since then, we always came by & listened to the soothe pieces that on her soundcloud-account, so that the decision to make an interview with her was the easiest task. if that didn’t convince you yet, wait for the interview, so, we shall we start already? we think we should.

ok, we’d like to say ‘hi’ to our guest today, the full-time virtuoso ‘Noémi Bolojan’. it is a pleasure that we got the opportunity to do this with you, not only that we really are in love with the palatial output that we have heard on your soundcloud-account, but also the sheer fact that there is more to come in the near future. yet, as many of us may never heard about you, could you do a favour & introduce yourself to the audience?
– hey! i’m ‘Noémi Bolojan’, producer and composer. i’m in the business of making people lives better trough the music i create.

sweeet. we wonder how has it begun? the person, the artist that you are, how did it happen that you came to the music? was it by destiny or by some amazing fluke? since most of the artists have started to write & compose from their early childhood, we’d like to know if that applies here too?
well, members of my family are musicians or do play a specific instrument, so that it has been natural that i would come to it. besides, i attended an art school in my home country, romania, for twelve years, where we have been basically taught on art & later on, we could specify ourselves on something. in my case, it has been the piano & later on singing, especially the classical type of it.

oh, that impeccably tells us the knack that are behind your pieces. since you had the possibility to participate that specific type of school, it shouldn’t be a wonder that you would later work in that area. but since your productions are mostly amalgamations between classical, ambient & electronica music, we’d like to know if you’re also listenin’ to that type of sounds on your moments of leisure as well?
definitely neoclassical, electronica, electro-acustical & sometimes classical music. the artists that i’m listening to are people like ‘Nils Frahm’, ‘Ólafur Arnalds’, ‘Muse’, then ‘Air’, ‘Royksopp’, ‘Daft Punk’ & ‘Hooverphonic’. but it really depends on the mood or what kind of it i wish to be in right now.

this is an intriguing selection of artists. we had to say that we have to check several of them out, since we do the names, but not really the way of sounding. to talk about sounds & the way of tone-variation, we would be interested to hear what you try to convey while writin’/composin’ your projects? is it about a mere emotion that you are re-livin’ again or does it depend on your mood that you’re currently in?
i’m trying to focus on the essential things: to express & discover myself. of course, also on getting better as a composer & producer. but it really depends on what i’m working on & what kind of mood i am. for example, if i’m focusing on a classical piece, i sit in front of my piano & improvise a little. playing a melody that i have thought about. or, if i’m working on an electronica-project, i start to play around with sounds, experimenting around, when it fits, concentrating on the rest of the song & its structure.

so, basically the way you write music, it’s about to convey feelings, more like express yourself & to reflect your inner thoughts?
it sure is. as i was saying, it really depends on two things, the project i’m working on & the mood im currently in. besides, i have noticed that my work-flow is way better when i’m under pressure. since i’m collaborating with the ‘S.o.R.B’, ‘Sound of Red Bull’-collective (solar edit: the ‘S.o.R.B’ is a rapidly growing catalog of production music. carefully curated by a team and a global network of world class composers, producers, industry legends, and new talent), i have to deliver a specific amount of tracks during the year & that is sometimes challenging & sometimes not.

ok, that is quite uncommon. since we mostly had the pleasure to speak with artists that do not work well under pressure, it is always refreshin’ to hear an exception. so, if we’re concentratin’ ourselves more in performin’ than producin’, it would be allurin’ if you could tell us more about pre-performance-rituals, how does that look like at a ‘Bolojan’-concert?
i have to say that i did not perform for a long time, not that i wasn’t able to, i wanted to focus myself more on producing & composing. but if we’re talking about rituals, then i would talk about my daily ones, like doing meditation, work outs, so that i can strengthen my body & soul.

but if in case, you would do a performance again, someone would come by or call you & ask if you would have some time, how would it look like? usin’ a microphone & piano or something else?
it depends, if i would do a classic performance, then i would only use my voice & a piano. if i’m doing an electronica one, then i would use some headphones, in this case: the ‘Audio-Technica ATH-M50X’, a MIDI-controller, such as the ‘AKAI MPK-Mini’, a Work-Station, such as the ‘KORG M50 88-Key Keyboard’ & of course, a laptop.

Audio-Technica Headphones AKAI MPK-Mini KORG M50 88-Key Keyboard

so, let’s talk about one of your latest releases, the ‘Alive In Time Travel’-record – has it been written for a specific purpose or was it just a vapid jam session? as most musicians tend to reminisce about things about the past, we’d like to know if this applies here too?
it had started as a bold experiment/challenge. the reason behind it was that i procrastinated too much on sharing my previous albums or EP’s with the world. therefore, if i produced one track/month for the next year, i would come up with a whole album. it is not so much about the past, as much as it is about the present and future. with each track for the project, i tried to come up with something bold that i was afraid to bring to the public before.

each of them had a focus on one part of the song, for example on the melo composition, the next one on the arrangement, the following track on mixing & mastering, etc. the latest piece, named ‘Life With Blue’, is something special, due the fact that i recorded my cat for the track.

he is a star, you can follow him on instagram 🙂

this is blue

haha, he is cute. we will definitely take a look on his site. Noémi, if we would reminisce about the past, is there someone who guided you the most to be the artist that you are right now? someone in your life that shaped the evolvement, both personally & musically?
i was lucky enough to have some of the creative genes running in the family. so, besides helping me in other aspects of life, these genes are fund in my music too. anyhow, many times i fail to see it’s real value tough. so, i’m still working on seeing myself as a creative person and to come up with creative projects.

and if we would accentuate a specific moment in the last years, what would that be?
around three years ago, i was asked to collaborate on the ‘S.o.R.B’-catalog. since then, we are still collaborating and i had the pleasure to meet great people that guided me in my musical career. i also wrote a bunch of tracks for them under the ‘Matchless Beauty Collection’. besides that, there was one concert that i did perform in my home city, Oradea, in a small café. it was something different, because i had the feeling that i finally was able to present something that i really wanted to show & everyone, like family & friends, was there too.

ok, when we would go on one step further, back to present & go beyond, to the future, is there something that can be said about the future of ‘Noémi Bolojan’? an exceptional project you’d like to make or a collaboration…?
besides keep on working with the ‘S.o.R.B.’-collective, i would love to write a soundtrack for a movie. that would be something that i want to.

what about collaborations? how & with whom would you like to make a track or let’s even say, an extended play? as we believe in dreams that can always come true, we would be interested who would that be?
it would be definitely a trio-collaboration, between

Nils Frahm’,

Ólafur Arnalds

& me. i would love to work with them, not only because their way they write their pieces, where they can let make you feel the song, but also that they’re representing to major parts of me, as an artist: the knack to improvise & the sheer ability to start a new project by playing three mere notes & building up the rest of the song structure around them.

final question for today (insert *instant drum-roll*), as nowadays many talented artists are questionin’ themselves the one thing, whether it is possible to do music for living or if it’s a sheer utopian thought, enshrined in their mental den, we’d like to know your thoughts on this?
i believe, that it depends on which category of musician/composer/producer/mixer/dj whatever you are and of course if you are in the right place, at the right time, have the right network and some money to invest in yourself. anyhow, because of the supply and demand ratio, I would say ten per cent will make it, become wealthy & the rest, the ninety per cent will struggle. in addition, there is the chance of luck, or bless or call it whatever you want it, that you need in order to achieve success.

that has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the ‘human side’, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: ‘Solar’s R/Vapid Ten’. this sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see ‘Noémi Bolojan’ answers:

your favorite vegetable?
i don’t have one.

your favorite food?
solar edit: same applies here.

banana or apple?

strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?
Pixar 🙂

Ludovico Einaudi or Yann Tiersen?
Yann Tiersen.

i would not be a musician, if…
i didn’t invest so much time to be one.

if i would start right now with the music…,
i would have hired coaches for workin’ on performance, technical knowledge, etc.

if i would be an object…,
a table.

if i would be an animal…,
a cat.

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thanks for sharin’ with us some chimerical moments of wisdom, jauntiness & guidance. it has been a pleasure to have this conversation here. if you’d like to hear more of Noémi & her work, do us a favor & click on the links. don’t forget to press on ‘follow’, because there is more to come in the near future. oh & if you’re bored, just visit the instagram-site of ‘Blue’. *instant cuteness-alert*. until the next time, folks.

le fin..
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