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intriguing interviews (#II005): Sarah De Warren

intriguing interviews (II005): ‘Sarah De Warren’

hello again. it’s wednesday afternoon & we’re happy to be back with yet another intriguin’ interview, with one of our most beloved friends, manchester-based singer-songwriter & full-time passionist, ‘Sarah De Warren’.
we recently came in touch with Sarah, to talk about emotions, lyrics that melt your heart away, melodies that rivet your body & pithy pre-session rituals. as we’d like to support & be in touch with the artists that we’re stumbled over the last few months & years (this also applies here), it really has been a pleasure to share some profound thoughts about the world of music with her. besides, it also makes us pretty enthusiastic every single time, where a musician tells about stories, where they had struggles & mastered these salient periods by themselves with the power of music.
as we’d like to present you the human side of these creative heads from all over the world, to perceive the meaning, the idea & the feeling each of them has or had, we’d like to start with the interview with a song, that showed already a glimpse of the true potential behind this girl, the mellifluous cover of ‘The Weeknd’-track: ‘The Hills’.

first of all, we’d like to thank you for havin’ some time to exchange some words about the riddle of music & its ramifications. over the last few months, we were followin’ your path for a good reason. not only that your seraphic voice gained our hearts in less than five seconds, it’s the personal touch that each of your songs has. as we love to see artists to express themselves, it’s pleasure to have you here. albeit, some of us may not heard about you, so could you do us a favor & introduce yourself briefly?
my name is ‘Sarah De Warren’, i’m comin’ from manchester & i write songs. i love what i do.

tell us Sarah, how did you connect yourself with music? was it a fate that took its course or just a coincidence?
i was drawn to music because of its ability to speak for me. when i cannot express myself with words, i end up confusing my feelings…music just allows it to flow out so freely.

to express yourself by melodies, where there are no words that can describe that moment, the thoughts that are wadin’ through your mental den is not really something uncommon, yet it somehow gives you the ability to express the feelings by a mere note, which is actually bedazzlin’ to think about. we’d like to know if you’re listenin’ in your free time to the same style of music that you write?
well, i’m into alt-pop, r’n’b like ‘BANKS’ & i love the darker rock bands like ‘Placebo’.

is there something you try to convey while writing your projects? specific situations, salient moments or just a mere feeling that can’t be expressed by words?
i think that i want to portray the complex situations in a simple way, like it’s possible to be understood, be accessible by anybody. even if they’ve never experienced these kind of feelings before.

so, basically the way you write music, it’s about to convey feelings, more like express yourself & to reflect your inner thoughts?
yes, it’s definitely about expression. the vulnerability here is really powerful. so, i don’t even try to hide anything that i might be insecure about.

let’s talk about performances, we know that you were pretty busy doin’ sessions over the last few weeks & months. also we (or better said, utmost of us) had the pleasure to sneak in one of your shows. do you have specific rituals that you always have to do before performin’ live?
well, drinkin’ & eatin’ nothing before goin’ on stage is a big one. i’m not really talkative, just wanna sit quietly & get in my zone.

and what kind of gear are you usin’ for that? a mere microphone or also something else?
i play with a ‘Nord Electro’ (solar edit: for those who might never heard about that name, it’s a stage piano from the stockholm-based company ‘Clavia’) & my producer uses ‘Ableton Push’ (solar edit: berlin-based ‘Ableton’s new instrument, which you can write & perform music with) to run the tracks, the synths & my vocals through.

so, let’s talk about one of your latest releases, the ‘Overthink’-extended play – has it been written for a specific purpose or was it just a vapid jam session? as most musicians tend to reminisce about things about the past, we’d like to know if this applies here too?
it’s just a collection of my four best songs at the time to be honest, there is no relation between the tracks apart from everything is genuine. i worked with two producers – ‘Sugarhouse’, ‘Shackles’ & a co-writer – ‘Lawrence Brewster’. two songs were old and two were brand new. i released it to establish myself as an electro-genre artist.

as most creative people tend to have a specific moment, where their drive & passion for art has been finally unveiled, we’d like to know what or if there is one, who guided you the most to be the artist that you are right now?
definitely my amazing childhood – i have been very lucky to have a beautiful upbringing. it made me poetic & lyrical. however, my school days were a little darker and the contrast with my home life really hit hard and got me writing some deep stuff. also, the boys in my life who have loved me, hurt me and acted indifferent – must thank them for the inspiration.

let’s have some words about passed events & stories. would you like to tell us about something that you accomplished & still makes you enthusiastic while thinkin’ about it?
this year, i’ve done a UK tour and a European tour, which were both incredible. besides, a track i wrote with ‘För Alltid’ featured on ‘Mr Suicide Sheep’s channel and made it to the 8th place in the U.S. Viral 50.

oh we remember the tune. if we do remember right, we also featured it around some time. as we’d like to talk about the past, the present & the future, we’d be interested if you can tell us something about ‘Sarah De Warren’s plans?
the next weekend i’m goin’ to play at ‘Kendal Calling’ (solar edit: that’s a festival, at the ‘Lowther Deer Park’, nearby hackthorpe, which is quite in the north of the uk) & i just became a full time musician. besides that, i’m launchin’ a new duo act with my producer, ‘AudioTrip’ (more infos TBA), which i can’t wait for.

we cannot wait to hear more about that promisin’ project, besides doin’ music full time can be quite a task, but we think that it will be an easy one for you. to focus on that, do you personally believe that it is still possible to do music for living?
yes, if you can write well! It’s harder to be a pure performer but I know full time session musicians who make it work.

final question for today (insert drum-roll): most of us musicians, or better said, artists have a dream, a fantasy about something that might, nah, should happen in the near future. what we’re talkin’ about is the creative exchange between people: collaborations. so, tell us, is there a specific artists you’d like to work with?
weirdly, it always has been the same for me. i really wanna do a collab with ‘Placebo’, something like their tracks, ‘Broken Promise


Centrefolds’ 🙂

that has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the ‘human side’, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: ‘Solar’s R/Vapid Ten’. this sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see ‘Sarah De Warren’ answers:

your favorite vegetable?

your favorite food?
baked beans.

banana or apple?

strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?
Warner Bros.

Sigur Rós or Björk?
Sigur Rós.

i would not be a musician, if…
my life had been easy & happy.

if i would start right now with the music…,
I’d have a lot of learning to do.

if i would be an object…,
a towel.

if i would be an animal…,
a cat.

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we’re grateful to have this opportunity. so do us favor, do Sarah also one, click on the provided links & start to follow her path. as the future already sounds promisin’, we’d like to invite you to catch the chance of be in touch with her & her succulent creations. also, many thanks to her collaborators, the labels & the blogs that are supportin’ her for pursuitin’ her dream & live it with every second.

le fin..
..oh btw

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