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intriguing interviews (#II004): Ida Dillan

intriguing interviews (II004): ‘Ida Dillan’

it’s wednesday, the fifteenth & we’re proud to present you episode four of our newest series: the ‘Intriguing Interviews’-section. as we love to show you & you the width, diversity, versatility of music, we’re happy that we got the time to do this one here with one of our beloved friends & artists on the rise: the norwegian djane, producer, singer & full-time passionist ‘Ida Dillan’.
we stumbled over this talented musician from the north over a decent compilation by the netlabel ‘CVLT’, where she collaborated with another talented upcomin’ artist, trondheim-based musician ‘SVANI’. since then, we have started to follow her path, with decent releases on other labels, such as ‘Top Billin Music’.
we recently came in touch with Ida to ask her to spend some time with us & exchange some words about the club music world, talk about her favorite fruits, share some thoughts about the future & engulf ourself with the ‘Dillan’-vibe.
so, shall we start with the interview? we think we should:

first of all, it’s a huge pleasure to do this episode with someone like you. not only that we stumbled over you with that splendid release on ‘CVLT’-records, but also due to your evolvement since we started to follow your path. yet, there are sure some around us that (unfortunately) never heard from you, so could you do us a favor by makin’ a short introduction about yourself?
hello, my name is Ida Dillan, i’m a dj, producer & singer from oslo, norway.

how did you & the music cross each other’s path? was it by accident or something that has been destined to be?
well, i guess the music came to me through my father. he was a musician, a conductor & a composer. there wasn’t an instrument that he couldn’t play.

well, we guess that there wasn’t any chance that you wouldn’t get in touch with the music world. Ida, could you tell us what you try to convey while producing with your projects?
as music is basically a representation of the artist’s emotions, i create music with the emotions i’m currently feeling, plus the harmonies, melodies & rhythms that are in my head at that specific time.

so, your music is about artistry & that these projects you’re currently workin’ on & the succulent releases that you already have are the reflection of your soul?
definitely. it is the most honest way to express myself.

since most musicians do hear way different styles of music that they actually create, to get some inspiration or just to ‘clean up’ their minds, we’d like to know what you’re listenin’ to in your free time? due the fact that your latest releases can be ‘genre-fied’ as club music, it made us curious…?
to be blunt, everything. a lot of different styles, different kinds of music. as i love to make club music, play it in the clubs, i also hear to that besides metal & classic too.

let’s talk about one of your latest releases, that specific remix that gained our attention. how did you decide to remix ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, which is one of the euro-dance-anthems of the last years that has been released by one of the most controversial groups of all time, the russian duo ‘T.A.T.U’. was it a blatant decision or do you have a special relation to that release?
it’s a special tune for me. when it was released, it created a radical movement: to represent a new way of the ‘idgaf’-attitude. (solar edit: for those who never heard of the abbreviation ‘idgaf’, it stands for ‘i don’t give a fuck’). i still remember that even ‘Puff Daddy’ was goin’ ham at one of their live shows.

it sure was a radical thing, but also a tune that stuck in your head for an eternity. this also applies here. besides that, how did your early beginnings look like. as we love to see artists evolvin’, by comparin’ with their early struggles they & everyone else had, we’d like to know how you have started?
well, i’m quite new to producing, so i only just released my first official single just around six months ago. before that, i just did some vocal collaborations & had some releases earlier that has sprung from that.

we’re sure that there is more to come. to focus on the future: is there something that you’d like to share? will there be more decent releases, more creations with the ‘Dillan’-vibe?
besides working on my debut ep, i’m currently working on singles, doin’ vocal collaborations with other producers & of course, remixin’ tunes.

we’re stocked what all these promisin’ pieces will sound like. while we were checkin’ out your latest releases, something made us curious. a specific thing that you’re workin’ on. what is the ‘3000 Textures’-project is about? is it a label or just a collective?
sure, ‘3000 Textures’ is a platform where we can express ourselves, both musically & visually. we always love collaboratin’ & thus invitin’ any likeminded to work with & to contribute to the project. we’re releasin’ our first compilation in july, where a whole range of amazing producers are goin’ to be part of it.

this project sounds amazin’ & we’re really lookin’ forward for that upcoming compilation. we as the solar team will keep you & you updated about it. as musicians tend to have dreams & goals, could you tell us about your dream collaboration, how is it goin’ to look like?
there are too many names to tell. but if we’re talkin’ about a dream, i would really love to write music for an opera, or a ballet show.

writin’ music for an opera? that would be an interestin’ combination. last thing for today Ida, do you believe that it is possible to do music for living?
yes, it is. a lot of people do that. it’s only about movin’ with the time & stickin’ with what you believe in.

that has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the ‘human side’, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: ‘Solar’s R/Vapid Ten’. this sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see ‘Ida Dillan’s’ answers:

your favorite vegetable?

your favorite food?

banana or apple?

strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?

Sigur Rós or Björk?

i would be a musician, if…
i didn’t like music lol.

if i would start right now with music…
i would aspire to be a classical composer, and master loads of classical instruments.

if i would be a car…
a tesla.

if i would be an animal…
a capybara.

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shout out to Ida & the dedication that she has for the world of music. many thanks to her contribution & we’re stoked to hear more, whether if we’re talkin’ about originals, remixes or amazing compilations that are goin’ to be released on the aforementioned ‘3000 Textures’-platform. but before you wait too long for it, why don’t you check out the latest pieces that are already online? we’re sure that they’re worth the time.

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