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intriguing interviews (#II003): Soular Order

intriguing interview (#II003): ‘Soular Order’

it’s a pleasure to present you a new chapter on the ‘Intriguing Interview’-section. not only that it is the newest addition on the site, but also due the fact that it shows you the human side of music.

the people who create these so called gems, the beings that are workin’ endlessly on one single snare drum to make it that way they thought it should be. yes, we’re talkin’ about human beings, the most creative individuals currently known in the whole universe.
it is always interestin’ & intriguin’ to see & read how these creative heads really are, how they live their life, what kind of issues they had & currently have. just a perspective, which points out the emotions, the effort, the passion that are engulfin’ them.
and yes indeed, we have to say it: it mesmerizes, motivates us to go on, followin’ up your dreams, your future goals you personally set & live with the random coincidences that can occur in your daily routine.

so, we’d like to talk about our guest for this episode, the manchester-based artist ‘Soular Order’.
we recently came in touch with jon, if he does have some time for a quick Q/A. but why him? well, because we stumbled over his art, his passion to the music around four years ago. while perusin’ the internet, especially that gargantuan video network service that starts with a ‘y’, we guess, we always made a stop at (if not) the most famous music channel for individual artists, who are not signed to major record labels, the omnipresent ‘MrSuicideSheep’.

if we do remember right, it has been his breath-takin’ remix of ‘Stay’, a song that has been originally released by calfornia-based musician ‘Nesta Rae’, that did let cross our ways with his.

so, the introduction has been done. let’s start with the interview:

first of all, thank you Jon for havin’ some time to do this quick Q/A with us, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview one of our most favorited artists in the ambient/future garage scene. for those, who unfortunately did never hear from you & your project, could you introduce yourself?

hello, my name is Jon Maynard, and i’m a musician and producer from manchester, uk.

could you tell us, what do you try to convey while writing/composing/producing with your projects?
is your music about artistry – to convey feelings, express yourself, transmit ideas, impressions?

when i write music, i try to convey the feelings i have at that moment in time, although sometimes people get a different impression. i’m cool with that though, because my goal is to make people feel something when they hear my music, regardless of what that might be.

let’s talk about your latest release, the ‘Isonomic EP’, how long did it take to sound like the way you felt it had to? could you tell us in a brief way what the meaning behind this mini album is?

the ‘Isonomic EP’ was actually written in a short amount of time. i had really bad writer’s block for almost a year and couldn’t come up with anything i liked. i started a side project, which is called drohves to just write something different, and it kinda kick-started my inspiration. that’s kind of what the ep is about. it’s about struggling with direction and trying to progress. we’re our biggest critics after all.

we say to say, that we love it. the impressions that we got from that ep literally obliged us to feature parts of it on several articles on the site. whether if we’re talkin’ about the eery-yet-catchy melo-compositions or the crisp bass lines. a beautiful piece that you have to buy. but tell us, where can you get a copy of it?

it has been released on my own label ‘City By Night Records’, and is available on platforms, such as Spotify & iTunes.

could you tell us a slight bit more about the things you did in the past, what you have accomplished so far, how you did found that amazing label & what was it made for?

i started teaching myself to play guitar when i was around thirteen, and then started writing music just one year later. i played in bands, mostly in metal ones, until i was around sixteen. we played a decent amount of shows but it never really went anywhere. then, i got into production and things just went on from there. i guess, my biggest accomplishment is founding ‘City By Night Records’. a lot of artists from there have gone on to much bigger things, and the goal was always to be a place for breakthrough artists. it’s been going strong for almost four years now and im genuinely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve.

sounds inspiring. what will the future of jon maynard will look like? will there be a stronger focus on both, label & aliases or just on one?

my main goal is currently to grow ‘City By Night’. i love hearing good music, and i love giving it a platform and pushing it forward even more. plus, i’m also working on an ambient ep, and i’m hoping to put out a full length album by the end of the year.

we’re pretty sure that those goals are goin’ to be achieved. furthermore, we’re curious how the album will sound like, but let’s wait until the end of the year to hear its promisin’ result. jon, do you think that it is nowadays possible to do music for living?

well, that’s a tough one. you can definitely make money from music if you go down the right path. the term ‘mainstream’ isn’t really limited to major labels anymore. a lot of indie labels now have a huge platform to reach their audience, so it’s much easier to market their music to them. the trouble is getting that audience in the first place. going it alone as an artist is even more difficult, unless you get support from the ‘big people’. i dont think the industry has really changed all that much, it’s still about who you know, it’s just in a different medium.

it didn’t change at all, we can’t deny that too. nowadays, it’s more about how you ‘sell’ yourself in social media. there are dozen example where artists did get famous for their social media marketing, but let’s skip that for another day. it has been a pleasure so far doin’ this Q/A. but one last question, could you tell us how your dream collaborator would look like?

another tough one, haha. i have a few. ‘Tycho’, ‘Burial’ would be one, ‘J Dilla’,‘Knxwledge’ & ‘Dimebag Darrell’, who has been my idol while growing up.

that has been the official part of the interview, yet as we’d like to show the ‘human side’, we did allow to add a section into the section (oh hell, that sounds like something created by the illuminati, huh?), which we just named: ‘Solar’s R/Vapid Ten’. this sec-into-section contains vapid questions, which can be answered by the interviewed artist voluntarily.

so, let’s see ‘Soular Order’s’ answers:

your favorite vegetable?

your favorite food?
pizza or curry.

banana or apple?

strawberry or cucumber?

Disney or Warner Bros?
Warner bros.

Sigur rós or Björk?
Sigur Rós.

i would not be a musician, if…
i’d always be a musician.

if i would start right now with the music…
i wouldn’t change a thing.

if i would be a car…
i would be a honda nsx.

if i would be an animal…
probably a cat. my cat has the best life.

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shout out to jon & his passion to the world of music, it has been a pleasure & honor to do this quick Q/A with him. be sure to follow him on facebook, get the updates from future releases on his twitter, check out ‘City By Night Records’ & their artist roster. there are jams waitin’ to be heard by you & you. all you to do is to click on the provided links. until the next time. oh, don’t forget to feed your dog.

le fin..
..oh btw

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