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intriguing interviews

Solar’s area of sharing information.

The concept behind the Intriguing Interviews-series is easy to understand:

As we already mentioned that we primarily initiated this website to share some music on Soundcloud, we came closer to expanding its basic concept to this one here.

By adding sections, such as the news, we wanted to do more than contributing aural atmospheres to our community.

With this series, we’d like to convey another pictures of artists nowadays, the so called human part, which we were referring to on our main site.

The talkfest contains questions about the artist’s background, the evolvement from the past till now & will be finished with quick Q/A about their favorite things, such as meals, drinks or actor/actress.

Folks, make sure to keep an eye on the latest addition to this section. What you’re going to read will be filled with flabbergasting moments, which you want to share with your loved ones.

Till soonish!

The Solar Team.

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The end of the tale, but not of this book