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Solar’s section of exchanging information & thoughts.

As we already were focusing on crucial parts in the world of music, an essential element of it is the person behind the amalgamation of sound layers, merged with vocal chops.

By showcasing the background of a musician’s life, their evolvement while writing that specific piece that we have stumbled over, their personal perception on art, it was just a matter of time that we were going to introduce you to this section.

While primarily having just one series, which is in this case the Intriguing Interviews-anthology, we recently introduced the latest addition of, which is named Salient Releases.

Both are diverse in structure: While in the series of the Intriguing Interviews is more focused on the artist, the other one is concentrating itself on a specific record.

Another series is planned, which is going to be released in the late 2018’s, named Pithy Quotes.

As we personally believe that the voice of a musician does matter, we will invite friends, labels & individuals to share their opinion on subjects that currently are around in the realm of art.

Make sure to keep an eye on future posts, share the link with your loved ones & take care of yourself.

The Solar Team.

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