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8 (#PPOF069)

The awe-inspiring moment, triggered by the paragon of a collaboration between Keylo & Akacia

You know, when you’re perusing the internet for some oeuvres to inspire yourself, you’re going to stumble over some pieces that by even reading the title gives you shivers. Speaking of which, we’d like to illustrate the feeling we tried to convey with words.

Being the result of an art collision between LA-based producer Keylo & Melbourne artist Akacia, it was the concept behind it that made us felt writing this article.

Naming the piece You, it has been 229 blessed seconds, where you’re going to be engulfed by a mysterious-yet-known energy, wading through your eardrums & staying there at least over the next couple of hours.

Pressing play again might be the best thing you can probably do afterward. Such a stunning piece, whether if we would accentuate the chimerical chord progression, the trenchant drums or the seraphic voice by the Australian musician.

Guys guess what, the best thing is that this creation is up for free. So, if you’re already listening to this piece for the 4th time, don’t forget to grab yourself a copy! Because otherwise, you would regret it!

Alright, till the next time!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

The end of the tale, but not of this book