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7 (#PPOF061)

Peanut Pile Of Freebies, Week 7: Forever by Scathe

Thursdays always indicate the time to prepare ourselves for the beginning of a new weekend. Since that mere thought increases the mood indefinitely, we have the necessity to dance. Speaking of which, we’d like to talk about one of our latest favourite releases that we stumbled over: Forever by the young producer Scathe.
You might recognise the name from somewhere. Not only that our paths have crossed each other’s for a while, it is intriguing to see the evolvement of artists that we’re collaborating with. Flabbergasting to see what comes next. As we were exchanging some thoughts with the lad, he shared his latest gem with us.
So, we did what we did & were not disappointed about that decision. By pressing play, you’ll be engulfed by a mesmerising atmosphere, full of aural spheres in form of chimerical synths & of course, as it is a trap beat, a decent amount of 808s. From the beginning till its ending, we knew that we found our tune for this specific day.
People, if you need a piece to dance to, then Forever might be on the list. Be assured to get yourself a copy of it, put it on your discman (yes, we know you still have one), take a pair of headphones & have a blast. Oh & show this to your mum.

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