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6 (#PPOF060)

Peanut Pile Of Freebies, Week 6: ‘Dissonance’ by ‘Jacoo’

It’s Thursday afternoon, but it feels like it’s already Sunday. The days are passing by, yet it feels like years. While having these uncommon thoughts on an afternoon session, we accidentally (& happily) stumbled over this stunning creation here. Its creator, whose path we crossed around an eternity ago, but somehow lost sight of it, is definitely one person to remember.

Mostly known for creating aural ambient spheres, the Norwegian producer still knows to amaze us, plus probably you & you. It’s not that he is changing his style of production all the time, no, it’s the sheer consistency that makes us flabbergasted. Consistency towards mellifluous oeuvres that will sugar-coat your afternoon as it did to our’s, chimerical acapella chops that wading through your eardrums, sticky melo compositions that will surround your mental den for a while.

Yes people, the enumerations could go on for a while & yes, folks, we’re talking about the latest release from Norwegian producer & full-time virtuoso Jacoo, named Dissonance. The artist, who has been in a hiatus for a while, made a grandiose comeback with this creation here, where he also made a promising announcement of releasing more palatial operas.

Sounds amazing? It is, of course. In the meanwhile, do not forget to grab yourself a copy of this stunner here, put it on your usb, get to your car & have a joy-ride.

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