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2 (#PPOF059)

peanut pile of freebies, week 2: Breathe by B N F R E

As we were perusin’ the internet for ambient vibes, we recently exchanged some words with this fellow producer here.
We came in touch with the artist B N F R E, obv. pronounced as Bonfire, where he asked us if we do mind to check his releases.
Of course, we did & are pleased to feature one of those pieces on this article here. The creation, named Breathe, has been our choice of the discography, because it can really show you the potential that is behind this talented lad.
Whether if you’re an aficionado of mellifluous melo compositions, or a fan of eery-yet-catchy fx’s, then Milwaukee-based B N F R E should be your choice.
Dedicated to his fans, the track can be downloaded for free. Be sure to grab yourself a copy of it, put it on the playlist of your mum & help out your dad to find some good music.

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