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52 (#PPOF058)

peanut pile of freebies, week 52: ‘Lost Song’ by ‘Rushkeys’

oh, it’s thursday. time is passin’ by in mere seconds. on the one hand it is scary, but on the other one, it indicates that you need to use the time. if you’re wastin’ it on meaningless things, there will be moments of regret.
so, we’re doin’ what we’d like to do & would like to introduce to you this gem, that we recently stumbled over.
it’s the ‘Lost Song’ that we’re goin’ to talk about. created by vilnius resident & passionate handicrafter, released over on his site as a freebie (you read right, get your copies, folks) & loved by us, it has been a true pleasure to peruse the aural spheres of ‘Rushkeys’.
there were seconds of joy, minutes of bliss, moments of jauntiness. that would impeccably describe the first time when we pressed play. the second time gave us the opportunity to get inside of the mellifluous textures that has been produced by its architect. such a colourful melo composition, perfectly merged with a bass line of sublimity to form this aural unity.
ok, we talked enough, just click on the play button & let the melody do the rest.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.