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51 (#PPOF057)

peanut pile of freebies, week 51: ‘Fell Apart’ by ‘Late June’

a new thursday is on the go, still christmas way ahead of us, but we’re already havin’ the cozy moments. the blissful seconds, the delightful hours. what makes your pre-christmas better than listenin’ to aural spheres?
which ones? these ones that have been created by auckland-based artist ‘Late June’. what you’re goin’ to hear is a sedative piece of ars electronica that definitely needed to be added on your playlist of december. but why?
besides bein’ uploaded for free, to share some love to you, people, it’s the simple piano composition, the pithy usage of atmospheric sounds, merged together to create a moment of jauntiness. and yes people, you read right. it is free, for real.
how do you get it? simple, click on the link, follow the instructions, put it on the usb of your dad, connect it to your sound system in your car, go for a ride.

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le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.