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47 (#PPOF054)

peanut pile of freebies, week 47: ‘Jelly’ by ‘Aizakku’ & ‘Kizme’

thursday nights are those ones where you’re in a dire need for a beat that sticks in your ear. especially on this day, where most of our beloved people & friends are celebratin’ the day of ‘Thanksgiving’. in this case, we’d like to invite you to check out this succulent upload by our dearest friend, auckland-based producer ‘Aizakku’.

this time, the lad from kiwiland has teamed up with another upcoming musician from the same spot on this beautiful blue planet, named ‘Kizme’.
by pressin’ play, you can feel the joy that both had while collidin’ their art with each other’s. a catchy melo composition, merged with a crisp drum-setting that will stick in your eardrums for a while.

as we were followin’ ‘Aizakku’s path for a while now, it’s intriguin’ to hear the evolvement from release to release. plus, by teamin’ up with the handicrafter with the sticky moniker, we’re happy to add yet another aspiring writer to our list to follow. we’re lookin’ forward to share you some stories in the near future.

as we’re here to share some love, we’d like to tell you that this piece is up for free. click on the provided link, get your copies, put it on your playlist for tonight & eat some ice cream.

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