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40 (#PPOF048)

peanut pile of freebies, week 40: ‘I Can’t’ by ‘Scathe’

it’s thursday & we can’t wait that the weekend is goin’ to start soon. we can’t wait to do what we love to do, not goin’ after duties, more likely goin’ after the ideas, concepts that we have started.
talkin’ about ideas & concepts, we can’t wait to talk about our freebie of the week that stumbled over our way accidentally: ‘I Can’t’ by ‘Scathe’.
the lad, who has been our watch for a while, never ceases to amaze us, whether if we’re talkin’ about creativity or versatility. if you’re lookin’ for people with the knack on writin’ succulent melo compositions & also the dexterity fuse them with a bedazzlin’ bass line to create the euphony you have looked for, then ‘Scathe’ might be on that grid.
yet, as these words from us might not convince you, why don’t you check out for yourself & let us know what you think? oh & don’t forget to get yourself a copy of this diapason?

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.