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39 (#PPOF047)

peanut pile of freebies, week : ‘Beside Me’ by ‘Kyoto Skies’

as we were listenin’ to euphonies on the last few days, it still amazes us how music does affect your body. whether if we’re talkin’ about to get into the mood, or that you’d like to decrease the level of stress that you had during your day, filled with duties, one of the mental panaceas that you can take is definitely the aural analgesic.

one of them: sydney-based group ‘Kyoto Skies’ & their record called ‘Beside Me’. the aussie band that can be seen as something between a aural remedy & soul serum, got our attention when we on off-duty-mission. their site has been literally on our tab selection for a while, yet due the fact that 9-5 rat races can be frustatin’ sometimes, we never got the chance to listen fully to their discography.

and as we finally did, the decision to write about these gents from down-under has been the easiest task to do. sounds promisin’? oh, it does.
oh btw, the song can be downloaded for free, so, get this electronic remedy for your discman.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.