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32 (#PPOF040)

peanut pile of freebies, week 32: ‘The Last Goodbye’ by ‘Cardinal’ & ‘Cavan Brady’

it’s thursday, the fourth of august & we’re back with a new episode of the ‘Peanut Pile Of Freebies’-series.
this time, we decided to feature ‘The Last Goodbye’, a pithy collaboration between milwaukee-based producers ‘Cardinal’ & atlanta-based ‘Cavan Brady’. as we recently have added one of Dave’s latest work on our july-compilation, we came in touch with him to exchange some words about his latest & last work under the ‘Cardinal’-moniker: the aforementioned ‘The Last Goodbye’.
by joinin’ forces with ‘Cavan Brady’, what you’re goin’ to hear is an emotional hotchpotch, with the power to rivet your body & soul. as most ambient pieces tend to focus on mellifluous melodies & tenaciously-good bass lines, we can guarantee you the same here.
and guess what, as this might be the last piece under the artist name ‘Cardinal’, Dave decided to put this one out for free. so do us, do yourself a favor: get yourself some copies now.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.