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30 (#PPOF038)

peanut pile of freebies, week 30: ‘Habits’ by ‘RIVR’

it’s thursday afternoon & we’re back with a new episode of the ‘Peanut Pile Of Freebies’-section. this time, we had the pleasure to check out one of the newest releases of hamburg-based beatmaker ‘RIVR’.
by gainin’ public’s attention (includin’ our’s) over the last few weeks & months, due the high amount of crisp publications, it sure was not a wonder that we would talk about this promisin’ lad again.
as we were perusin’ the web for our freebie of the week, we stumbled over his latest release: the future beat ‘Habits’. as ‘RIVR’ got our attention by his talent to create colorful melodies & fuse them with a tenacious beat, that stick in your eardrum for a while, we knew what we had to do: to feature it on our site.
by pressin’ play, you’ll be in a complete state of awe, some saliva around you & of course, your fingers on your mouse – ready to press the contagious button again.
after you finally managed to stop, be assured to get yourself a copy of this mesmerizin’ beat. don’t forget to drink some proper water before addin’ it to your playlist, because you’re definitely goin’ to drool again.

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