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24 (#PPOF033)

peanut pile of freebies, week 24: ‘Your Diary’ by ‘Sundial’

thursday has arrived & we’re right in the middle of some proper preparations. as we tend to add a new series every six months, we’re in the moment where we’re currently workin’ on finalizin’ the concept for the upcoming one in september.
but before you’re goin’ to question yourself what it is goin’ to be, we’d like to sugar-coat your day by this sublime release that we have found around some moment ago. bein’ released by the upcomin’ duo from boston, massachusetts, named ‘Sundial’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a future beat with a mellifluous melody that tends to stick in your ear.
by pressin’ play, you’ll be stuck in the world with seraphic voices (in this case, the voice of duo-member Dorothy) fused with the aforementioned melo composition & a rhythmic bass line that literally ‘forces’ you to hit the download-button.
but before that, be aware that ‘Your Diary’ will be on your hard drive after you have heard the tune for the fifth consecutive time. be sure to press ‘pause’, otherwise you’ll be bogged down down for an eternity.
as we tend to feature upcoming artists, we’d like to invite to click on the provided link & let their music do the rest. don’t forget to get your copy & press ‘follow’ on twitter.

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