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21 (#PPOF031)

peanut pile of freebies, week 21: ‘Heat Death’ by ‘Grizzy’

thursday is back again & we’re here with our newest heat that we have encountered on our daily pursuit of happiness. since summer is gettin’ nearer day per day, we decided to feature some vibes here.
so while lookin’ for vibes, we stumbled over this guy here, paris-based ‘Grizzy’ & his tenaciously-good club tunes. while we’d like to not have a specific focus on one sole genre, because that would make the site a bit tedious, this man from ‘La capital’ made our decision easier.
to re-focus on the aforementioned vibes, we’d like to introduce you to one of his latest releases, the club-heat called ‘Heat Death’.
as we were doin’ our ‘investigation’-thing, that tune gained our main attention. not only because of its crisp bass line but also for its minimalistic-yet-catchy melo-composition. a song that animates your body, melts down your eardrums, rivet everyone & everything around you. so, please, do us a favor, click on the link & check this dude out.
don’t forget to hear it with a decent pair of monitor speakers, because your neighbors will dig the sound. plus, get yourself a copy of it. now.

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