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20 (#PPOF030)

peanut pile of freebies, week 20: ‘Wondering Why’ by ‘Sad Eyes’

it’s thursday evening & we’re back with a new part of the ‘Peanut Pile Of Freebies’-section. this time, we decided to put the newest release of one of our beloved friends, connecticut-based producer ‘Sad Eyes’.
we recently came in touch with Allen, to have a little talk about his newest addition: the chill-electronica tune with hip hop influences, named ‘Wondering Why’. so, we did what we did. checked out the tune & we’re (if not, as usual) impressed by the outstandin’ evolvement of Allen & his project. not only that the catchy melodies are gettin’ catchier, but also the whole symbiosis between the instrumental & the acapella chops.
an impressive tune, with a chilly atmos that obliged us to do our job again, give this song & its progenitor a shout-out in form of this article here.
if you’re a fan of decent hip hop instrumentals, with a solipsistic melo-composition, then ‘Sad Eyes’ might be the right man to check out. click on the provided link, get yourself a copy of this one here, check out his former releases & don’t forget to drink some water.

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