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18 (#PPOF029)

peanut pile of freebies, week 18: ‘Deep’ by ‘Ryan Ellis’

it’s thursday, the twenty-eight of april & we’d like to finish off the month with article number twenty-nine of the ‘Peanut Pile Of Freebies’-series.
while we’re already preparin’ the next compilation, we stumbled over ‘Deep’, a tune that has been created by philly-based artist ‘Ryan Ellis’.
bein’ released around one week ago, we were intrigued by its way of sounding. whether if we’re talkin’ about the crisp bass line or the eery-yet-catchy vocals, the song riveted us for at least half an hour.
a delicious tune that has to be mentioned here. so meanwhile, why don’t you take a listen or better: unplug your headphones & get your copies. all we’d like to say that that if you’re goin’ to listen it with a sound system, you can hear & catch every chord progression so that you’ll perceive its full meaning & concept.
thank you Ryan for this beauty, we’re pretty sure that it wont be the last time that our ways will cross each other.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.