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15 (#PPOF026)

peanut pile of freebies, week 15: ‘Not Gonna Get Us (Ida Dillan Remix)’

it’s thursday already & we finally made it to finish off our duties for this day. hurray, but hey, didn’t we forget something?
of course, we did. so, shall we talk about our pick of the week? hell yes. as we were perusin’ the net for the latest pieces that have been released, we stumbled over one of the latest releases of one of our beloved friends, oslo-based multi-talent ‘Ida Dillan’.
it especially gained our attention, due the fact that first, it has been a remix & second, the remix of one of the eurodance-tunes in the last decade. what we’re talkin’ about is the club-esque reinterpretation of ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, which has been originally created by the russian electronic group ‘T.A.T.U’.
so, as we have already mentioned that it gained our attention, due the fact that the original has been a tune that has been played nearly everywhere, whether if we’re talkin’ about radio or tv shows, it’s interestin’ to hear a remix of it.
so, we did what we had to do & were somehow after it in a state of awe. not only that Ida successfully caught the spirit of the original, but also added some club-esque elements to boost its potential to a new level.
we have to say, we love the tune & hopefully this won’t be the last one. be sure to get your copy of it as soon as you managed to finish off eatin’ your cucumber.

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