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13 (#PPOF024)

peanut pile of freebies, week : ‘Settle Down’ by ‘RIVERS’ & ‘Bru’

thursday, the twenty-fourth has arrived & we’re back with another chapter of the peanut pile of freebies-series.
this time, it is our pleasure to feature one of our beloved friends, one of the first featured artists ever on the solar-site: cardiff-based electronica artist ‘RIVERS’.
it has been a long time since we have talked about this gifted musician from the beautiful isle. but whenever we have talked about her, it has been a real melodical itinerary. an endeavor with an eery-yet-catchy atmosphere, that is goin’ to engulf you in less than seconds.
so, let’s focus on the featured ‘Settle Down’. we do have a stunner here again. produced by the mysterious beatmaker ‘Bru’, we were stunned by the outrageously good combo between her  mesmerizing voice & the catchy instrumental.‘RIVERS’ did manage to give us shivers. again. and this honestly does not happen many times.
so, while we were checkin’ the latest release, we were in a state of awe, while watchin’ the extraordinary video that has been shot, exclusively for this unique piece of art.
the song is available for free, so be sure to get your copy & don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ to our beloved friend. until the next time, see you ‘RIVERS’.

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