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12 (#PPOF023)

peanut pile of freebies, week 12: ‘Smoke & Retribution (Remix)’ by ‘Toko-Asis’

week number twelve of two-sixteen has already arrived, we’re back from the pursuit of happiness. what kind of happiness? well, let’s say we tried to find a song for you & you that can cheer you up, after you have realized that it is still not friday, which means that you still have to do something.
so, the track that we picked is from someone, we’d like to talk about again for a period: san-francisco citizen ‘Toko-Asis’.
this time, our dear friend from one of the most beautiful spots of this blue planet did contact us to inform about his latest release: a refix/remix/reinterpretation of ‘Smoke & Retribution’, which has been originally created by no other than the future bass-pioneer from the majestical place australia, ‘Flume’.
first, to do a remix of a song from one of the most influential musicians of the past three years, is a job, which has to be done right. otherwise, you’ll end up on the pile of failure.
fortunately, we can say that this moment wont happen. but why? if never heard about ‘Toko-Asis’, please go on his bandcamp-site , because what you’re going to hear is pure magic.
whether if we’re talkin’ about solipsistic synth-compositions, or the groovy bass lines, ‘Toko-Asis’ might be the right guy to put on your list. same description perfectly fits for the feature here, so do us a favor, get a copy of it. press on play, and don’t forget to say ‘hi’.

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