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11 (#PPOF022)

peanut pile of freebies, week 11: ‘O’ by ‘Mar’

thursday is back & we’re here with chapter twenty-two of the ‘peanut pile of freebies’-series. as we like to present our freebie of the week, we’d like you to introduce you to the london-based electronic-producer ‘Mar’.
we stumbled over this upcoming musician just some minutes ago. what we have found is that he magically appeared in the soundcloud universe around some months ago, which mostly explains that he just uploaded only two songs in that period.
to ‘genrefy’ this young producer, we’d like to say that he tends to create & write ambient melodies, with a dank-yet-catchy atmosphere, that you might get some goosebumps while hearing either the featured ‘O’ or his former release ‘W’.
to talk about the aforementioned song, it has really been a pleasure to press on play & let the music do the rest. eery-yet-stimulating chord-progressions are goin’ to engulf you, and meanwhile that, do us a favor, press on follow & get a copy of this mesmerizing piece of ‘ars electronica’.
shoutout to ‘Mar’ & his rising path to the world of music. as we’d like to say, it won’t be the last that our ways have crossed each other’s.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.