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10 (#PPOF021)

peanut pile of freebies, week 10: ‘We Are Ghosts Now’ by ‘Margari’s Kid’

it’s thursday again & we’re back with another chapter of the freebies-series. this time, we’d like to introduce you a new member of the solar fam: the spanish ambient-electronic musician ‘margari’s kid‘.
we stumbled over his acc a couple of days ago. what we have found was pretty impressive, not only that he is the only person (that we know) from spain, who produces ambient-esque music, he is even one of these people that actually deserve to be mentioned more often than now.
but why? it’s because of the mesmerizing bass lines, the eery-yet-catchy synth-compositions & the wily usage of acapella chops.
by naming all the attributes of his output, it has been a real struggle to pick a specific track, so we tried our best & named ‘we are ghosts now‘ our pick of the week.
being released as a freebie, you can get your copy of this magnificent piece of audio, as soon as you have finished our article (haha).
be sure to give this man a shoutout, show the account your mum, share some moments with the melodies created by the person, who comes from one of the most beautiful spots on the spanish countryside.

¡gracias por tu dedicación y pasión por la música, estamos seguros que no será la última vez que estaremos hablando sobre tu arte!

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