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7 (#PPOF018)

peanut pile of freebies, week : ‘If the world ended tomorrow, I would spend these last moments with you’ by ‘Unforseen’

it’s good to be back after this self-proclaimed hiatus. It just feels good to do our usual thing, by writing about you & you.
So, while you were wondering to yourself about the hiatus-thing & so on, we just have to say that we had some issues to solve in the name of this site. So, we did what we did & came back with a higher percentage of dedication (haha).
To write about someone else, besides us right now, we’d like to make a transition to the main topic of this article, the ‘pick of the week’, number seven already in the calendar (whoosh, time is passing by in light-speed).
The song we’re going to talk about has a catchy title: ‘If the world ended tomorrow, I would spend these last moments with you’. Composed by one of our first features makes it even more special. You might already heard the name ‘Unforseen’ a couple of times here. It’s our usual thing besides finding new artists, to strengthen our relationships even more, with the people, the artists, labels, blogs that were already featured here on this site.
To get back to the featured artist, we have to say that we have to thank him again for a magical piece of pulchritude. It’s not only his knack to create lush atmospheric melodies, it’s more about the whole concept behind the ‘Unforseen’-alias: ‘to create a place, whether all people of world can come by, press play & forget about their dull daily problems for a couple of minutes’. And yes indeed, the master behind this piece created this moment with this song again. Of course, as ‘the guy from somewhere up north in Canada’ likes to be, he gave that piece of art out as a freebie, so do what you have to do: get your copy, immediately (!)
Don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ & start to follow his path. We’ll be back pretty soon with some additions on this site, meanwhile stay fit guys!

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.