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5 (#PPOF017)

peanut pile of freebies, week 5: ‘Radiant’ by ‘Dreamculture’

the song we’re going to talk about is ‘radiant’, a production by the north carolina-artist ‘dreamculture’.
we stumbled over israel’s (that’s his real name) account just some moments ago. what we have seen that he started to put out music around a year ago. the tracks, which are mostly free to download, shows you his personal & artistical evolvement during this period of time.
as we’d like to say that we’re definitely looking for bangers, it amazes us to listen to their musical evolution. so while we checked track after track, we stopped by ‘radiant’, an instrumental that has been released around ten days ago.
the song, which can be genre-fied as a merger between cheesy hip hop, ambient music & panoply of mellifluous synths. ‘radiant’ can be seen as a perfect example of what israel tries to convey is a panoply of emotions fused with a decent instrumental.
you can get a copy of this piece of artistry via ‘dreamculture’s soundcloud acc. get your copies & don’t forget to say ‘hi’.

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