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4 (#PPOF016)

peanut pile of freebies, special edition, week 4: ‘Part IV’ by ‘Theo Alexander’ & ‘Presence’ by ‘Mt. Accord’

we’re back with a special edition of the ‘ppof-series’, aka the ‘peanut pile of freebies’-selection.

special, due its length,
special, due its uniqueness,
special, (insert random reason here).

in fact, it’s just the thing that we cannot let our people down, it is our ‘civil-duty’ to present you the mellifluous melodies that we stumbled over, that are even free to download.
so, shall we start with this mini-selection on this amazing thursday?
we shall dooooo:

Theo Alexander – Part IV

the track we’re going to talk about is named ‘part iv’, which is a contemporary piece of music, written by the london-based composer ‘theo alexander’.
the song has been uploaded over a month ago, as a part of the ‘fixations’-extended play. ‘fixations’, a contemporary classical piece of tantalizing tracks, exclusively selected by the composer himself.
it has been a real pleasure to take look on it, feel the melodies, be united with the whole arrangement, so that it turned our decision to pick one of these to the next level.
yet, we had the chance & picked the last piece of the ‘ep’, named ‘iv’, which are the roman numbers for ‘four’.
to talk about this specific track is like to explain the idea behind the whole scenery of ‘fixations’:
a lush atmospheric neo-classical piece of music, that engulfs with its mesmerizing melody & somehow rivets you so that you might think ‘oh, how did i get in this situation, will someone untie me?’
the song is available for free on theo’s soundcloud, so be sure to get your copies.

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Mt.Accord – Presence

last thing for today comes from a known member of solar fam, the slovakian producer ‘mt. accord’.
our dear friend recently hit us up to present the latest addition on his discography, the ambient-esque electronic production named ‘presence’.
so we did what we had to do & checked the tune. baffled as always by the profound arrangement of the track, the eery-yet-catchy melody & the whole message behind it, we came to the conclusion that it needed to be on the list, or better said it should be in an accurate playlist, that represents our idea behind it: a panoply of lush melodies, created by people all over the world’.
so, that might be the main reason of the existence of this special edition, put two instead of one song on the peanut pile-series & let them sugercoat your upcoming weekend a bit more.
as the first one, the song is available for free on ‘mt.accord’s-bandcamp-page, so do what you have to do & get your copies.

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le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.