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2 (#PPOF014)

peanut pile of freebies, week 2: ‘All Yours (Part. 1)’ by ‘From London With Love’:

the song we’re going to talk about for the ‘pick of the week’ is ‘all yours’ (part. 1) by the london-based producer ‘from london with love’.
we’ve got in touch with this stud about some days ago, when he started to follow us so that we checked the mister with a catchy alias.
the artist, producer, engineer & songwriter, or let’s say ‘this talented bloke’ got our attention with his profound releases, such as his soulistic-r&b-hybrid remix/reinterpretation of ‘you don’t know my name’, a song originally by ‘alicia keys’, his dank sounding-yet-catchy originals such as ‘places’ or the aforementioned song, which we’d like to feature on the ‘pick of the week’.
while listening, you’re going to be engulfed by emotions written down in his solipsistic beat-production, mellifluous melodies that you might get a bit shaky after it, or basically the eery-atmospheric arrangement in general.
honestly, we can not deny it, we are in love with ‘from london with love’. each release has a profound background, a purpose, a reason why the musician created that kind of bass line or that kind of synth composition.
of course, as this section is made for, the song is available on his bandcamp-page for free or if you’re like to invest in the future, for a small donation of money.
we’re happy that we have found you & hopefully going to listen to more of your releases.

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