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51 (#PPOF013)

peanut pile of freebies, week 51: ‘Mango Sprite’ by ‘The Kount’ & ‘Chedmo’

we’re back on the weekend with a belated new episode of the ‘peanut pile of freebies’-series. thursday has been a day dedicated to work, work & work. so we didn’t make it on time.
so, we shall get back to business. the song we’re going to talk about is named ‘mango sprite’ by the canadian beatmaker/percussionist ‘the kount’ in collaboration with ‘chedmo’, a saxophonist, beatmaker & composer, also coming from the beautiful canadian country.
both, based in toronto, have teamed up to create some ‘quick funkiness’. and yes indeed, it truely is. with ‘chedmo’s saxo-part, both created a melodic uptempo-track, that has to be on your ipod or winamp playlist.
of course, as usual, the song is available for free & can be downloaded on ‘the kount’s-soundcloud page. and while you’re going to make a listen, be sure to check out their pages & recent releases. there might be some gems that are waiting to be found by you or you.

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