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49 (#PPOF011)

peanut pile of freebies, week : ‘Vast’ by ‘Open Ocean’

thursday morning & we’re back in business. still three weeks are on the go until 2015 is finally coming to its end.
so, we came together again to write an article about our pick of the week, which will be already number eleven in this new series. and the winner is (*instand drumroll solo*): ‘vast’ by the electronic music producer ‘open ocean’. based in london, the young producer (with an age of seventeen) has already made a name in the scene. whether it is about profound ambient or mellifluous experimental electronic, ‘open ocean’ creates them all.
to lose some words about his latest release ‘vast’ was definitely one of our easiest tasks for the week. why easy? if you’re going to check by yourself, you’ll remark the solipstic style of him, with all these lush atmospheric beats & synths. a flawless synth-composition fused with cataconic fx’s is what made ‘vast’ our favorite song of week number forty-nine.
the track is available as a free download on his artist-union page, so be sure to get your copy as soon as you have time. give him a like & start to follow his path.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.