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46 (#PPOF008)

peanut pile of freebies, week 46: Glory Bowl by ‘Umru’ & ‘Jamesbryce’

six weeks are missing until the year two-fifteen is not going to be anymore. a new year is going to begin, you’ll have at least one thought about expectations, future events & so on.
yet, we’re still here in the middle of november with the next part of the ‘peanut pile of freebies’-series. this time we stumbled over estonian producer ‘umru’ & his future bass-collaboration with ‘jamesbryce’ named ‘glory bowl’. ‘glory bowl’, a significant tune with a tenacious synth-composition & trenchant kickdrums is something we did not hear a long time ago.
being available as a freebie made our decision for the ‘pick of the week’ even easier. umru, an estonian producer who has started to put out beats over beats since five years, is someone we honestly never heard about.
yet, we’re happy that we finally stumbled over his soundcloud acc & we’re pleased to see his evolvement as a musician.
as we always like to say that we truely adore the idea of collaboration, we wanted to get more information about both musicians. to talk about the collab-partner, ‘jamesbryce’, we’d like to say that he magically appeared on the world of soundcloud some months ago. same as ‘umru’, ‘bryce’ is mostly known for significant beats & instrumentals. yet, we’re pretty sure that this is just a beginning of an interesting evolvement, so that we decided to put ‘bryce’ on our list. last but not least, be sure to follow both artists, give them a like or a repost. thanks.

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