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45 (#PPOF007)

peanut pile of freebies, week 45: Expectations by ‘Mt. Accord’

it’s thursday the fifth & we’re finally back again on the peanut pile of freebies-series.
this time, we’d like to say some words about the latest release that we stumbled over while reading the latest mails: the ‘common hindrances ep’, or in this case the song called ‘expectations’. written by the slovakian ambient-electronic producer ‘mt.accord’, we recently received a mail from the creator himself with the plea to take a look over his latest extended play.
while we always tend to say that we like written melodies with a profound purpose, our dear slovakian friend made a tenacious intro by explaining the real meaning of this release: by saying that people tend to be more passive than active & that they fear that they’re goin’ to fail, the struggle or the clash between reality & dream is one of the few things what nettles them the most..
and while we were reading the intro, we let the music do the rest: the feeling of being engulfed by a trenchant melo-composition from the beginning until its end is what mostly impressed us from the third song called ‘expectations’.
besides that, the stunning atmosphere created by the mesmerizing song-structure makes the ep or our pick of the week, a real ambient piece of pulchritude that has to be on the list of your walkman.
as we normally tend to feature freebies on this section, we’d like to make an exception here: even though it is available as a fee-less download on his bandcamp, we’d like to make a plea – by donating (although it may be a small) amount of money, it would be great to thank the artist for the interpretation of a ‘real-life crisis of the twenty-first century’.

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