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42 (#PPOF005)

peanut pile of freebies, week 42: When I Miss You by ‘Sensi Sye’

it’s thursday. one day before the weekend officially starts with the beginning of friday. a stressful week is on its way to end, and all you really need is something to relax. well, a possibility might be to watch a good old movie or read our article of the pick of the week (hehe). in this case, we’d like to talk about the newest release of one of our beloved beatmakers on the soundcloud-galaxy: ‘when i miss you’ by our dutch friend ‘Sensi Sye’. since we have stumbled on his account, time has passed & simon (which is his real name) is working his ass off from release to release. if you’re looking for quality output, this guy might be on the list. whether if we’re talking about some smooth hip hop with elements from jazz & soul, trap or (let’s call it) future bass, ‘sensi’ can do them all. to lose some words about the record: we highly recommend to hear that track, when you had an exhausting day of duties over duties. but why? well a reason might be the sooth jazz instrumental that has been merged with a trenchant & flawless hip hop beat, so that your reaction will be nothing than saying ‘i was totally flabbergasted’. of course, as our series is determined to be, is the track available for free. do us a favor, fetch a copy, connect your computer to a soundsystem, get a beer & sit down for a bit. music is & always will be the best panacea for everything.

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