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41 (#PPOF004)

peanut pile of freebies, week 41: ‘Moon’ by För Alltid

the track of the day is ‘moon’ by producer ‘för alltid’. if you have heard about that name just for the first time, don’t worry, neither did we. the producer with the very special name (is it swedish? or dansk? – we don’t know) is that kind of musician we are looking for desperately: writing songs with a special purpose is something that you’re not going to see quite often. dedicated to his/her grandfather, who has passed away recently, you’re going to listen to a mellifluous production, created to handle his/her grief to that lost. by calling the song ‘moon’, you’re definitely going to get a feeling for this piece of pulchritude. to be sure, we’re not here to share some stuff without even think about it seriously. as one of the most amazing things of the world, the music let us unite to an unity, by sharing our deepest thoughts in melodies, vocals & basslines. we’d like to make a plea: do us a favor, do the musician a favor, and play the song from the beginning until its end. it’s the melancholia that let you forget about everything, it’s the touching progress of writing down the feelings you might currently have. thank you for this contribution, ‘för alltid’, your grandfather would be proud of you.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.