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38 (#PPOF002)

peanut pile of freebies, week 38: ‘October Night’ by Kaelyn

we like to start this thursday with a new release by our british friend ‘kaelyn’ (pronounced ‘kae – lin’). this time, we picked the newest of the newest, the freshest of the freshest of the ‘kaelyn’ factory: the mellifluous ambient piece ‘october night’. being available as a freebie, you can immediately feel free to catch a copy of the track. what you’re going to expect is a yet again a tenacious production of our friend, filled up with melodic popsicles & rhythmic pancakes. whether it is about the synth composition or the symbiosis between the melody, the uncanny-mysterious sounding acapella sample & the impeccable drum-setting, we’re glad that we have stumbled on this tenacious release & looking forward to hear more from our fellow friend in the future.

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