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37 (#PPOF001)

peanut pile of freebies, week 37:

so, we’re happy, glad, proud to announce a new section. to be blunt, we were not sure when we should initiate this new part of the solar mountain ridge-universe. the first thought was like between july 2015 & august 2015. the second thought was like ‘hey, we’re going to celebrate our anniversary the upcoming september, so why shouldn’t we start with a new thing on that specific period?

what you’re going to expect is the initiation for our ‘pick of the week’-series, named ‘peanut pile of freebies’. well, why calling it peanut? the question might pop off in your mind. so, let us explain it tersely:
‘peanut’ is the favorite color of one of us,
‘peanut-butter’ the favorite thing to eat,
so why not combining something you love the most with the thing you’d like to do the most: writing about unknown artists & their work.

so, we’d like to present the first part of this series with the a hiphop-electronic refix from an old french track from caterina valente, named ‘un petit beguin’. the refix has been created by a good old friend of the solar mountain family, the french electronic-hip hop-future bass producer ‘mounika’. we were thinking about how we should start this section. what kind of track should be the first one to talk about & present the audience? well first of, the decision was honestly pretty easy to take, due the fact that the remix by our french friend gave one pretty-known song a new ‘facelift’, by taking the original stems, put on a hip-hop/electronic-manteau on it & let it out of the house. whether we’re talking about the impeccable setting of the original vox acapella or the jazz transitions, ‘mounika’ took the original into another sphere. the song is of course, free to download on the artist’s soundcloud page. so please, dear people, do us a favor & your neighbor, fetch a copy, play it out loud, swing to it, or eat a baguette.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.