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optima october (10/2014) (#mmr001)

the beginning of the tale of the mountain ridge

chapter 1 – optima october


so, we would like to present u the first chapter of this beautiful utopian booklet, which is pretty raucously-cool. it’s our apex, our culmination, our climax for this month, that’s why it is also called ‘optima october’ (isn’t that obvious?). so what can u expect of these fifty pieces of art, poesy, philosophy?
nothing, just feel free, and check it out immediately. we did not add specifically one genre, or two, or three, it’s a mezcla, a mixture.
artists included, mostly unknown (unknown to the radio-teevee audience, to bruce willis, our relatives in cambodia, …), such as gidge, kuma, arches, fakear, pensees, mr. mitch, the list goes on and on.
it’s not that we don’t like to post also about well-known artists (check that, if u really think, we don’t), such as baauer, alunageorge, crookers, benZel, but our primary goal is to support the most unknown, experimental, future sounding projects from people all over the world. sounds like a dull statement from an upcomin’ blog, cravin’ for attention, postin’ the ‘freshest ish’, the kickass bass-productions, huh?

in time, u’ll see, that we’re different. c u soon on the next chapter. meanwhile, if u can’t wait, be sure to fetch our news.

the end of the tale, but not of the book.

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