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nefarious november (11/2014) (#mmr002)

chapter 2.1. – nefarious november

hi. we’re back again with another chapter, named nefarious november. well, first, if u’re goin to hear the word nefarious, u’ll start to think about to close the tab, dislike the post, dissent us, block us, whatever. but first, let us explain why we did choose that ‘mean-bad-bad’ word for our next compilation, then u can decide to continue with ur tedious routine & ignore this, the next thing, and the upper-next one.

so, basically the title itself only the describes the durance of november, due the fact that time is passin’ by as fast as a dreadful comet, or we as the people of this blue planet are spendin’ our days by doin’ usual stuff, e.g. goin’ to the same place over and over again (also some of us may call it work place), livin’, chillin’, relaxin’, dancin’, or do everything coevally. another fact is that in this month releases over releases jeopardized ur tedium, they nearly killed it.
yet, we have today the 30th, which means to say goodbye to november, to ur fake moustache, to ur beard, or wherever u might not shave urself. some of us survived thanksgiving, some of us not, the rest died in the mayhem named black friday, or not. whatever. we’re not here to piss u completely off (sometimes we tend to do), rather we would like to mention several of the fifty tracks we collected diligently, to show our appreciation, the love to those artists, who can distinguish themselves from each other (thank god & nickelback again).

as u can probably see, the variety is our main goal, we don’t want to show stuff that is dull (alas, sometimes we do text about platitudinous things when we’re too lazy to peruse the interwebz, sorry that we’re not sorry for that). to start with, we added several acapella artists, such as jasmine thompson, julie byrne, or the deep stuff, like nymus, jacM, (where was he again, ah yeah here) vacant, instrumentals by hisa nova, josiah., a pile of electronic music, plus dance music cilantros, by baskerville, luca lush, torqux, sluggers, some hip hop cookies, some techno, …. ugh, no we’re not goin’ on.

back to our platitudinous statement about the generalization of music, we like to merger different styles, it’s not that we don’t like to say, if u love that kind of music, check this dood out, or fuck techno, we hate it, more likely we would like to build up a platform, where people from everywhere, doesnt matter whether u’re from zimbabwe, syria, peru, or khigirzia, can say hi or fuck you to us, share the stuff, so that we can help them to amass people, to support their ambitions, or just to be some kind of foster home.

we would like to say good bye, because we said enough. feel free to check out these girls & boys, or cats, they’re worth it every single minute. we’d like to say thank u to phil collins for helpin’ us to gather these tracks, it wouldnt be possible without u. bye.

the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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